A devastating history

At the turn of last century, recently-discovered x-rays were used to remove hair. While they can remove hair permanently, it was learned later that the device eventually caused disfigurement and death in many consumers treated with it.

For more on this dark chapter in hair removal history, please see:
X-ray hair removal history

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In a testiment of just how lax enforcement can be, it should be noted that the last X-ray hair removal machine in the country was in use until the 1970’s (I seem to recall reports that it was finally shut down in 1976)

Consumers really need to research any kind of proceedure they have, as the simple fact that a proceedure is advertised openly is no assurance that the proceedure is safe, effective, or even legal. (in some states laser performed by anyone other than a doctor is illegal, and yet non-doctors lase away in broad daylight) :fearful: