A depilatory that removes hair from root ??

Hi @ all !

I’m wondering if a such depilatory cream exists.
A cream that act as wax (by removing hair from the root).
Of course I googled for this and there are many websites that claims to provide such creams (also for strong hair like @ pubic area).
example : http://www.worldofhair.com/removal/

Are them all scams or not ?
Is a such thing possible ?

No, a cream won’t be able to penetrate all the way down to the root and remove the actual root. It just dissolves the hair close to the skin’s surface. The only way to remove the hair with the root is by pulling it out, i.e. with wax or by plucking. And even then, it needs to be done well in order to get the entire hair out with the root and not let it break off half way on the way out.