A&D for electrolysis aftercare

Hi Colleagues. A client, who has extensive body work, says that her breast area develops tiny red spots but they disappear and fade. I indicated that reaction was okay.

She recently told me that her mom suggested A& D ointment and since it’s use, has seen no tiny spots.

Has anyone suggested A& D as aftercare? It works nicely for diaper rash which goes well with the LMX use as that’s the primary use for presurgic hemmoroid removal!

It looks similar to a lot of lip balms or burn ointments. The only thing I’d wonder about is the fragrance. It also looks as if it’s going to moisturize to the point of possibly being oily.

Active Ingredients:
Lanolin (15.5%)
Petrolatum (53.4%)

Inactive Ingredients:
Cod Liver Oil (Contains Vitamin A & Vitamin D)
Light Mineral Oil
Microcrystalline Wax

It contains none of these: