A culmination of all my experiences with Laser hair removal.

I am sitting in my black leather chair, reflecting upon my existence in this universe.

As I think back to my experiences with Laser Hair Removal I received 5 years ago for the price $200 x 8 ($1600 total) when I was 17 years of age, I can’t help but cry.

A lone tear engulfed with the screams resulting from unbearable pain falls from my eye. Why, God, why?

Laser Hair Removal.

My sessions were relatively straightforward; apply Emla cream ahead of time and prepare for an experience that made hell seem like heaven.

As I placed my body flat on the dry, cold bench, I held my breath preparing for the rubber band that would slingshot inhuman screams of shrieking pain through several thick walls of solid concrete.

My eyes open only to find the same savage universe with a few extra drops of sweat dripping from the bench.

As I think back to those experiences, I ask myself time and time again. Was it worth it?

The resulting answer throws me into bouts of incomprehensible depression. I went in with infinite hopes and came out with deep mental anguish. Would you like a side order of suicide with that?

It has been five years since my experiences with laser hair removal. All of the hairs on my face have grown back. A lonely student is $1600 poorer but a little wiser. The battle scars of Laser Hair Removal (aging face?) reminds him of his phenomenally idiotic decision.

The sole question for the rest of you originating from a reluctant and frolicless mind:

Have you seen any aging on faces treated with Laser Hair Removal after a period of time?

Thank you for your putting up with my frantically idiotic rant.

Hi there,
just wanted to say that I’m sorry you are unhappy.
And wanted to ask if you are a writer? If not, you should be, you have a gift.

Anyway, I was wondering if you can describe your aging? What kind of effects do you feel the laser has had on your skin? What kind of laser did you use?

I also wonder if it is normal aging or if maybe the technology 5 years ago was different than it is now.

Have you gone to see a dermatologist? Is there anything they can do to help? What have you tried?

Well, sorry for all the questions. I’m new to LHR (just 2 months now) so I can’ answer your question just yet, but I hope you find some answers and if you haven’t seen a dermatologist, you might give it a try.

Hugs and good luck. :smile: