A couple spiro questions?

I’ve been reading about the outcomes of many of the people on this site who have taken Spiro and it looks promising.But I just want to clear up a few questions that I am unsure about. Quick bit about myself, 20, Caucasian light yet thick hair throughout the body except the bikini and under arm areas which are dark.

If I take Spiro for a certain amount of time and then stop will the hair grow back or will it regrow. (I’ve read a few answers that I wanted to understand better)

When taking the med will it speed up the electrolysis that I am currently undergoing? Or If I have the areas waxed will the med keep the hair from growing back?

I know that everyone’s different but I wanted to understand a bit more:)

Thank You!

Spironolactone blocks the effects of androgens on hair follicles that are sensitive to androgens. It was originally used for high blood pressure. Dose needs to be higher when used for taming hair growth. It may take 3 or 4 months to kick in. If you stop the medication, the hair will go on as it did before Spironolactone was used.

Waxing, while taking spiro, will not prevent the hair from coming back. Once a hair is stimulated, spiro can’t cause the hair to revert to something smaller or make it non-existent. If this worked, then we would have no need for electrolysis or laser hair reduction.

Thank you so much for your reply dafhey! I understand everything much better now. :slight_smile:

You are very, very welcomed, frosted.

I have a question? You said once a follicle is stimulated the spiro can not help that follicle. Is this true for scalp follicles as well. My question is once a hair follicle has been attacked by testosterone will the follicle ever grow a thicker hair?


I took spiro 200mg/day divide dose for a little over 2 years. While on it, the hair that I had did not really diminish but it would grow in very slowly after I shaved or whatever and was softer - not as coarse. My acne also disappeared and made my skin look nice. Didn’t really have any side effects… except that i think it made my skin much thinner and dilated my blood vessels which meant that you could see every vein in my body even on my stomach and I did not appreciate the blue veins showing under my eyes and forehead (not to sure its the spiro though - may be just genetics cuz my mom and sister do have this problem…).
I have stopped taking Spiro about 3 weeks ago and I already notice that I have to shave much more often and the hair is coarser/thicker… In addition, my face got a few fresh pimples which I have not had to deal with in 2 years… I am debating whether to go back on it or not…