A Chance to use the Palomar SLP1000 for Brazilian....

Formerly known as ‘Tonic’ but cannot seem to retrieve my password or correctly identify my original email. So now i’m Tonic2.

I have a chance to use the Palmomar SLP1000 for 4 sessions on my bikini line as a Brazilian (all off!) for a total of $450 as a part of a promotion at the Aestetic Institute of NYC (http://www.facechange.org/site/laserhair.htm). I am medium skin complected and have dark coarse hair.

WOuld i see any permanent reduction after 4 sessions? Lightening (which i’m not sure i would want)? Permanent thinning (which would be great)? It seems like a great price, and a safe laser. Can anyone please tell me what they think this laser might offer me. I know everyone is different, different practicioner, etc.

Personally I don’t think 4 sessions will be enough for people with darker skins. And about “lightening”, I am sure you don’t want it, because it won’t be evenly distributed.
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I have no intentions of getting any more detailed than this. It might as well be my reg. bikini line. If anyone has any more info about the SLP1000 i would greatly appreciate your info. (formerly ‘Tonic’: I will be back as Tonic[1] as soon as i figure out my old passworld)


I had one treatment with this machine and saw very little results. As I mentioned in another post, the Palomar Estelux is working much better for me.