A Belgian reader's experiences with threading

A transgender reader from Belgium sent the following note:

Now I thread the hair for some places on my face, but some years ago I did Laser Hair Removal. (It costs money, depending having a job or not). By some good girlfriend I saw a girl who thread with a fine cord her face, and now my face too. The most black hairs are gone with Laser, but on the jaw-line, under and above the lip I have some. She can thread a transsexual girls face, but not a beard. After or around for 4 weeks those black hairs becoming after a while thinner or stay away after a long time, but their surface again after 4 weeks. The girl who thread my face has learned it on her own for years and she had some customers (after her working hours in another job), who waxes peoples faces BUT know waxing is BAD for the face. Yes, the people who wax people (customers) come to her to thread their faces. Recently she knows a new shop in the city (instead of Brussels : where they ask 50 - 80 Euros for threading a face), that girl ask 17 Euros to do the upper lip. If the girl asked why she is so expensive : Big course and shop must be payed back. They sell ointment against red skin after threading what is not needed, you can go on …

The girl I know ask me 15 Euros (cash in the hand), to do my face. If I want to do my eyebrows too, she ask another 5 Euros extra. My hairs will be a bit stiffer then hair from a cis woman, but’s okay … it works ! We take some nails with a thread. One benefit, the thread massages your skin. The only thing I bring in at her house is a high chair, so she does not hurt her back and you have to follow her program. Cause hairs to short or too long, difficult to catch with a thread.

So, you can find in a neighborhood somebody who can really good threading, before going to a expensive shop. I am the best customer with the best face to thread, cause she glides with her thread over my some dry healthy soft skin. Older people with a wrinkle or older face is a pain to thread, the thread is then a knife through the skin.

But indeed it is true, woman who wax faces of other people, know that threading is better and more healthy then waxing.

With threading they have to avoid pimples, spots, swelling … And old skin has to be stretched not to take the wrinkle (old people with old finer skin).

Even the girl advice me not to take hair under the eyebrow away (in my case - thinner eyebrow). Cause I am -already- big in length …

She even adviced me, even she has NO shop, that other people suggest to pluck to much the eyebrow : Or you got more hairs at the end of the eyebrow.

Later, she said, when you get older, I pluck and it opens the eyes more open again.

Never do a pig face when they take hair away above the lip (I know it is a nasty itchy place), cause it causes wrinkles and … -you know-

And yes, if there is a hair coming from out your cute nose, a thread can catch it …

And one last tip : Before you get threading, keep a cucumber in your refrigerator. The first time you can lower the skin redness and heat.

Just cut a piece from the cucumber and go over your face. redness always goes away … no other things needed.