Will try to give quick detail on my experience.
I have been going to American laser and going on my 9th treatment. The Aurora was used on first 8 and the 9th was with the comet.
Female, type III skin, 6 weeks apart, and the face area, concentrating on corners of upper lip, chin, under chin-neck area, and just under the side burns. These areas are very dark. And little peach fuzz on cheeks.

When I first started it was set to med frequency and by the 5 treatment we went to highest settings and with going twice over dark haired areas. Never blistered, just red for a couple of hours and where the dark hairs are it hurt more.
What I have noticed is that most all lighter hair is gone but all the dark hair are still there. Very coarse!
The 9th treatment was with the comet, hurt like hell, because it was on the highest setting and due to no results on dark hair. The tech was going to go over it twice, but the pain was to much. It did leave my face very red but went away within 3-4 hours.

Wondering why this company just got the comet, could it be that most customers were not getting results. And I feel that I may have been wasting my time all alone, hopefully the comet will make a difference.

Will keep posting to let you all know.

Does anyone know if I will see results with the comet???

The Technician said to keep going with it, and to get some numbing cream.

Does anyone know if I will see results with the comet or am i just wasting my time (and I would say money but I already paid up front)?

laser doesn’t work on blond hair or peach fuzz, and has a hard time with finer hair as well. from what you’re describing, it seems that most of the hair you’re talking about might fall into either type, except for maybe a few coarse hairs. (correct me if I’m wrong). I would think that it seems that the blond hair is gone because you’re not waiting long enough between treatments for those hairs to come back out, but I would assume if you do, they will resurface because most of the time laser can’t get those due to lack of pigment. If you read this forum, for women’s facial hair, electrolysis is usually the best way to go to get results and laser should only be used there if the hair is in fact dark and coarse and in patches at least, not single sparse hairs. The Comet might work better, since it’s a diode with RF technology as opposed to Aurora which is IPL with RF, but it’s a new laser and not many good reviews from consumers here yet. If you continue treatments, I would recommend only treating the areas with dark coarse hair (not fine) with it, and start electrolysis for other areas with fine hair.

I am sorry to say but I have not heard one positive review from either of those machines. IPL is not as effective as a laser.

Ive had about 6 treatments on my back with the american laser using the AUrora, and ive had nice results. Im a type-4 skin and had dark hair.

Fitzpatrick type II. 24 yo male.

I had 11 treatments with American Laser Center: 9 on Aurora and 2 on Comet.

I’m very dissatisfied with my progress. I still have a lot of hair on my face and it is grid-like and patchy. Ironically I now shave more often since any amount of stubble looks very bizarre.

My beard hair was a typical guy’s: very course to begin with. Some hairs around the face have become slightly less course but are still course black hairs. I got this treatment so I’d never have to shave again; I wish I never started it. I may or may not continue with treatments. I am waiting a few months to see if the patchiness fades. If it looks semi-normal I will just leave it alone and go back to shaving.

Both of these laser are the worst pain I’ve ever felt. My face feels like a bad sunburn for 4 days afterwards and I usually break out. I’ve even had some hypopigmentation on my nose and cheeks that has been there for months–I hope it fades eventually.

Do not go to American Laser Center. They have idiot techs who cannot even tell you how the laser works. You will never even meet the doctor. If you voice any concern over your progress they will just try to sell you IPL and Microderm.

sorry to hear about your bad experience with american laser. My experience with them hasnt been bad thankfully. Ive had huge amount of reduction on my back and shoulders.Im still not 100% hairfree after 6 treatments, but i was mentally prepared for that. I hope to have total reduction after a couple of more treatments. AM also thinking of getting my chest hair done. ANy suggestions if laser would be good, as its much thicker than my back hair. OR should i opt for thermolysis?

I started my hair removal experience about 2 years ago, starting with my abdomen/private area and have now included everything from my face down to my private area minus my arms. I am a male with type II/III skin with dark hair. I started with Advance Laser Clinics (in Tennessee) which was changed to American Laser Clinics about 9 months ago. When they changed companies, they still honored the 2 year guarantee, and the people where I get the lasering done are very customer focused and have made the embarrassing treatments very tolerable. I have been very satisfied with them and feel I made the right choice using them.

I was worried when they changed companies, because the old company used the Lighsheer Diode laser, while the new company normally uses the Aurora IPL machine. Fortunately, they kept the diode laser along with the new IPL machine, so I’ve always opted for the Diode for my treatments. They also prefer to use the Diode laser for most of their customers.

My results have been excellent, but all areas have been reshot in the guarantee period, but they have always been happy to do it. I believe I’m at 95% removal right now after waiting 10 weeks, so I doubt I’ll have many more reshots. My highest setting has been 41 joules on the Diode.

Concerning pain, the face the first time was extreme! But every treatment after that has been less and less painful, but I believe it has to hurt to get good results.

thanks Nagola for sharing your story. it’s very helpful for others. let us know how your progress is a few months down the line. not enough people come back to report unfortunately. someone else has mentioned that this particular clinic is good. in general, not all chain clinics are bad, it really depends on location. that’s why it’s important to have 3-4 consultations at various places, both chains and non-chains, to compare and pick the best option. if the people at a particular chain actually seem to care about your results and not trying to just sell you on the services, it’s a good sign already. the problem is if you don’t check out several clinics, you wouldn’t know what sounds “fishy”.

I’ll be happy to give an update in the future. I’ve had various treatments in different areas. Below is the number of treatments I’ve had and how well the results have been. Again, I am a male with dark hair and type II/III skin with a fairly high pain tolerance.

Abdomen & private areas - 9 treatments - very little hair left. The rest is fine and light in color.
Face & neck - 8 treatments - best results with little left except for light color hairs.
Full buttocks area - 5 treatments with one more paid one to go - really good results so far.
Lower back - 2 treatments - stopped because little or no regrowth left.
Underarms - 3 treatments - stopped because no regrowth after 10 weeks.
Back of neck - 1 treatment - may have a couple of more to just thin hairs out.
Upper back - not done because I have no significant hair there.

Chest - Done one time with a Gentlelase Alexandrite laser at 20 joules at another place. The reason I changed places was because I thought that the original place I am going to (American Laser Clinics) was going to get rid of their diode machine and only have the IPL unit, which I later learned was not the case. I can tell you that the Alexandite is definitely less painful, but I’m afraid it will not do as well. I’ve also had a couple of electrolysis treatments to the chest area because I had a few light/grey hairs there, and I wanted to get rid of them also.

Here is some info that may help others.

After the first treatment to my face, it was red for 3 days, and I had a lot of whiteheads. When it all subsided, most of the hair shed, but I had the patchiness that others have told about. After the third treatment, all the patchiness went away. The hair growth that was left was more uniform between treatments. I talked to the tech about the whiteheads after the first treatment, and was told to put a fine layer of Neosporin on after treatments, and it did seem to prevent the majority of the whiteheads.

The abdomen seems to be the hardest area to get rid of the hair for me. What really has helped it the higher levels of power and compression when using the Lightsheer Diode machine. Keep insisting on higher power if the tech is agreeable to do it, unless you have darker skin which prevents it.

I did get the power up so high on the private area that I got some burns. The burns were due to the skin being slightly darker there. They healed in a week or so, and the following treatments never went any higher in power. At least I knew my limit!

Concerning the pain levels on first treatments (the Diode machine), the face & neck was defiantly the worst, followed by the private area, most others area were a couple of levels down in pain. The underarms were the least painful. The one treatment with the Gentlelase on the chest I had was very tolerable, and it was at the highest setting (20 joules with the 18 mm spot size). I have never used any pain killers before treatments.

Again, the techs at American Laser Clinics in Knoxville where I have been treated are great and the money has been well spent in my opinion. I wish most techs could be as customer focused, especially since this is a fairly large amount of money to spend. If I had been treated badly, they sure wouldn’t have me returning as a repeat customer.

Hope this info helps!