90% re-growth after 6 sessions. Help!

There are only two clinics offering laser hair reduction near where I live. They both use the Soprano.

I’ve been having full-leg treatments since February, with the Soprano machine on a traditional diode setting (as opposed to the SHR “pain free” setting that they go on about in press releases).

The hair on my legs is coarse and dark, ankle to thigh, and my skin is very pale. The staff at the clinic assured me it was the best combination of hair/skin for laser treatments, and that I should see a dramatic difference.

Eight months and six sessions later, there’s a small patch on my right calf that looks hair-free – but all the hair on my thighs has grown back.

I asked the tech about settings, but she had no idea. Apparently it all works on presets, so I’m on the Skin Type I setting, whatever that is. The only figures I’ve seen are 3Hz, and 70 (which may be Joules? I had 63-65 for my first few treatments, but we cranked it up to 70 for the last one).

The clinic advised treatments every 4-6 weeks, but because of the re-growth we’ve been moving them further apart. My last session was after a 10-week gap, and I noticed that most of the new hairs came in at the 9-week mark. Is that why this hasn’t been working? Because I’ve been having treatments too often? We’re going to leave it 12 weeks before the next session. Does anyone have any other ideas of how to make this machine work for me?

It’s incredibly depressing to have spent over a thousand pounds and still have the horrible coarse hair.

You may need to start searching for electrolysis providers in your area. One Thousand Pounds would have gone a long way towards your goal, and you would have much more visible reduction to show for it than what you describe, as long as the practitioner was skilled and fast.

That or try a better laser… sorry to hear you’re having such bad luck. After each session did the hair actually shed? What would you say the time frame was, like you would do a treatment, then how long until it shed, then how long until it grew back? Also did you find it painful or at least not pleasant?

It’s too bad that both clinics only offer the soprano. You may want to follow James advice and try electrolosys. If there were more places I’d say go to a different laser type, but then again I’m a laser blazer (was that what you called us james? :P)

I don’t understand, is that a Soprano XL or an older model? The Soprano XL also has preset modes without using SHR mode but unless it’s your upper lip or a tiny area, there is no point in using that. Does the treatment hurt? Do they use any extra cooling device with it?
If indeed it is 70 joules on the old method then i don’t see how it is possible really, when i try the Soprano on 35 joules it hurt like hell so 70 would make a hole in your leg.
Also, no point in doing treatments less than 8 weeks a part.

Good point Odi, didn’t notice the spacing comment, 4-6 weeks is way too soon I don’t even begin to get regrowh until at least 6 weeks. Some of these laser places are so frustrating, it’s like they just think lets buy a laser and go to town. When places even say 6-8 weeks it still should be a guideline, you will know when it’s time to go back. It’s like going and getting your hair cut, and having them tell you to come back in 3 days for your next cut. It makes no sense since nothing will have really changed. You would go get it cut when it’s getting long and needs it, not 3 days later since there’s nothing for them to even work with.

I think it might be an older model. Yeah, the treatment hurts. I normally take a couple of painkillers beforehand, but you can still really feel it. There’s an air-hose thing attached to the handset which blasts the skin with freezing air while the hairs are being zapped. And the tech applies an ECG gel beforehand, which also keeps my skin cold.

If indeed it is 70 joules on the old method then i don’t see how it is possible really, when i try the Soprano on 35 joules it hurt like hell so 70 would make a hole in your leg.

I don’t understand this either. I’ve searched around on these forums (and done lots of google searches too) and people are quoting figures much much lower than 60-70.

About two-thirds of the hair shed each time, roughly three weeks later. I think we were doing sessions before it’d had a chance to grow back, because I was surprised by how many new hairs came through after 9 weeks of no treatments.

It was painful!

That’s very strange… Soprano is the laser I know the least about so not sure, but if it hurt that’s usually a good sign. If you had said you felt nothing then I’d say there’s something wrong. It’s very strange that 90% is back though. I’ve never done legs but for example I did underarms with GentleLASE about 10 weeks ago was my first session. The hair is completely back now on the next stage of growth, but only about 85% and its not as thick as it was before. Now that’s not a judgement of how permanent it is, but just giving an idea after only 1 session and I have clear results. Where are you located? I assume somewhree small if there’s only 2 clinics?

I’m in the Isle of Man, alas.

I guess they have the old Soprano. The hose attached to the hand piece is called Zimmer. In my clinic we use the Soprano XL and we don’t need a Zimmer since you almost don’t feel anything.
Also, I’m pretty sure that 35 joules is enough to get your results with the regular mode.

  • Not enough hair shed each time, which means a LOT Of hair was missed

  • Your treatments were WAY too close together. So you really only had at MOST 3 effective treatments, and I wouldn’t really call them effective since you didn’t have good shedding.

  • Have you looked into an alex laser? Where are you located?

I’m in the Isle of Man, so my choice is limited to these two Soprano-using clinics. The only other option is going across to Liverpool, which costs too much in terms of time and money.

Do you ever travel to any other cities for work or pleasure? You’d only need treatments once every 2-3 months if they’re good treatments. I would try to combine those trips with pleasure. It would be cheaper than wasting money on ineffective treatments where you are. Wasting ANY money on ineffective treatments is still a waste.