9 days post thermolysis

I have seen that there have been plenty of discussions on this forum regarding scabbing after electrolysis treatments and that some say that scabbing is normal and nothing to worry about and that they will fade away with time.

9 days ago I had a consultation with a electrologist using thermolysis and she did a small sample treatment on the back of my neck. It’s been 9 days since I had the sample treatment and the scabbing is concerning me because every place where the needle was inserted has scabbed and It has not faded away yet. Here is a link to a picture of the treated area, I would appreciate your opinion. Is this is normal or should I continue looking for a different electrologist.

Thanks /Carter

hi there,

you need not worry. scabbing is normal and depending on if your skin is sensitive, oily type, if you have proper consistent before and after care, will determine how soon the scabs will disappear.

they generally appear 48 hours after an electrolysis treatment depending on the technique of the electrologist. some are super super great and their technique never let scabs form, but others, who are still great electrologist still have work that results in scabbing. but remember scabbing is a normal body reaction to cuts/injury etc and is also a mechanism to heal and fight off bacteria and infection. so scabbing is not necessarily a bad thing and will fade with time.

plus, its your first time and your body WILL react to something new like electrolysis. you will notice as you go deeper and longer in treatments with electrolysis, you will develop lesser and lesser reactions from it.

just take good care of yourself and the skin area. keep it clean and dry. dont scratch it, dont spray perfume there, dont wear things that will rub too much, like necklaces (casue its your neck) and you should be fine.

if the scabbings increase in size, ,multiply, change colour and start to hurt even more (and you havnt gotten another treatment), then that might be reason to be worried.

in other words scabs are normal and you shouldnt worry too much.

good luck!

I looked at your picture, and it is not too bad at all. If you put Tea Tree Oil on it overnight the first night, it may not have been noticable the next day.

You will be fine.

Thanks Rachelle & James for your answers, it makes me feel better now after hearing from both of you that it’s normal and that I shouldn’t worry about it.
I’m just worried what will happen when I have my whole neck done and can’t really imagine having to be around people at work with noticable scabs all over my neck for about two weeks. It will be a challange!!!


Do try the Tea Tree Oil.

Most people I work on have no such problem for the amount of time you describe. Of course, there are many reasons that their experience with me, may be different from your experience with your practitioner.

Another thing to consider, the first time through is always the worst. Once an area has had some treatment, it gets better about both the treatment, and the healing reactions.

I will definitely try the tea tree oil. You mention that your clients don’t have scabbings for so long time as I’m describing. Is this because they use tea tree oil or because your techinque and skills don’t create scabs in the first time.


Patience young grasshopper. It will all be worth it in the end.

Automatic is correct. It is all worth it in the end.

The overwhelming majority of my clients don’t have scabbing, even in the beginning of treatment. Later on, I think I am safe in saying none of them do, even if they don’t use the Tea Tree Oil over night.

There are differences in equipment and technique that make a world of a difference to what your healing experience will be. In everything, you must make sure you do as much as you can to make the most of it. Find the best person to do the job, and do the best pre treatment and post treatment care that you can. Aloe during the day, and Aloe-cortisone for any itching you may have help as well.

I’ve had that much scabbing on my neck. It goes away but not as fast as I would like. It is possible to get a few ingrowns in this area as well

I did a patch section for a try …and i put neosporan on it or how ever you spell it or coraide :stuck_out_tongue: i suck at spelling you would think at 27 i would be better at it. But i used that three times a day and did not have any scabs…i have very oily skin, if i shave i get in grown hairs on my body, and my skin usually produces almost like a zit after a shave. They way it was explained to me is that it is kinda like a burn on your skin so treat it like that in a way. That was my experience…i have very coarse chest hair and it was taken from my upper chest…I dunno i am no expert just something that worked for me. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Good luck bud