8 treatments on..am i wasting my time and money???

Hi all, was just wondering if i could get some advice/opinions on my situation, it begins at January 2002, that was when i had my first laser treatment carried out on my entire back, shoulders and back of neck, at the time i was told that since i was and ideal patient for laser treatment (white skin, and dark hair) i would achieve permanent hair removal within 4-6 treatments…which brings us forward in time to now, i recently had my 8th laser treatment on the same area, and although i will admit that the hair in the treated area has become less thick and lighter, im not really sure if i am wasting my time and money, reasons being is…

that i am still getting growth immediately after treatments within a couple of days, not that it is alot but there is still growth, as least when i waxed the area that was waxed was smooth and hair free for one and half weeks or so

i still require laser treatments every 6-10 weeks, hair growth has been at the same speed from the 3rd treatment till the 8th it has not slowed down

i also have noticed that for example if i were to have laser treatment done and then a month or so later the hair began to regrow, and i shaved this area or used a hair removal cream on this area the hair that would grow back would be alot thicker and darker, much to the extent, that it appears as though i had never had laser treatment in this area, i have noticed this on the back of my neck after i get a hair cut and the barber runs his blade across my neck to tidy the hair up

well that is about all from me for now :smile: so what do you think??
should i persist with the treatments?
should i save my money and time?

all info much appreciated

thanks in advance

What kind of laser are you having the treatments done with. There is a difference.

If your expecting total hair loss in between treatments and no hair to continue growing then your expectations are wrong. However you should be farther along then you sound at this point. Each time you laser your treatments should take care of about 30% of the hair each time. That will be about all that will be in the proper stage at any given time.

We tell people that eventually your going to get down to where you don’t have enough hairs to make it cost effective to come in. If you only have 6 hairs and you come in for a treatment we will only be able to get 30% of those so that equals 2 hairs. Is it worth it at this point- no.

However in your situation - you need to find out what laser they are using to be a better judge if the laser is really working on you or if that particular kind of laser has done the best it will do on you and now you need to change to a new kind.

Not all lasers are created equal and not all laser techs are equal either. The training makes a big difference. If a tech doesn’t turn the laser up high enough to be effective on the hair but not burn the skin then you could just be getting bad treatments.

Hope this helps.
Patty Sue


alspk has given advice that is just honest. I like the advice also because it empowers the consumer to make their own decision.

If all professionals in the business gave such clean advice, it would be such a better industry.

Thank you JR that was nice of you to say.
Patty sue :smile:

Hi alspk, and thanks for you honest and informative response it is much appreciated.

From memory i think the lasers that where/are being used include

Lightsheer Diode Laser - for the first 3 treatments and
Alexandrite GentleLase - for every other treatment until not

(please note i might have these back to front…not quite sure but i have noticed that since going to the second laser it is less painful and the redness and swelling is alot less, aparently the laser being used at moment is the lastest technology available here in Australia)

also would you happen to know why after i shave the regrowth of hair from laser treatment it tends to grow back thicker…

thanks again