8 months hyperpigmentation Is it permanent now ?

Hi everyone. I had an only one electrolysis 8 months ago for upper arms and upper back. However, I still have hyperpigmentation. So I’m worried if its permanent now. I went to a dermatologist and he said its permanent and I need laser skin resurfacing. But the place I had the electrolysis says I need to keep waiting (about 6 months more). So is this permanent or do i need to keep waiting ? Thank you for your answers and I’m sorry if I made a mistake my english is not so good :slight_smile:






nope, still not permanent. Hyperigmentation NEVER is permanent.

Have you been in the sun?

sun could have affected it, but maybe not at all. For the answer, consider what hyperpigmentation IS and IS NOT.

Hyperpigmentation is a part of the healing process, therefore, upon completion of that healing process ( a year an a half) there is no more hyperpigmentation.

Pigment has NOT magically been produced in your skin, therefore the issue is not permanent. At the end of the healing process ( which can take a year and a half, but is mostly gone over a year for most people) there will beno more hyperpigmentation. It’s simply a physical manifestation that often gets patients nervous, but it does and will heal and resolve completely. I get hyperpigmentation , often that lasts 6 months or more, due to hives . I’ve shown pictures before of my arms literally COVERED in them.At times I have hyperpigmentation, at others it almost comes close to be resolved( until I rest my arm on a clients clothing washed in any commercial detergent) . It honestly isnt a big deal, but its amazing how much a simple thing like this can get peoples brains working, and they are CERTAIN they have this for life. It just doesnt happen to be so.

Regarding the first picture, was all that hair removed in one session? How long did it take?

Do you have a before picture available?

Mild exfoliation should help. If someone could exfoliate your back, upper arms and shoulders twice a week that should help. Laser resurfacing is too dramatic. It will fade on its own.

Hairs were removed in one week. 5 hours each day approximately, so in total 35 hours. I have been in the sun 6 months after the procedure for one week but I used 50 factor sunscreen. I dont have previous photos but those red scars or marks are acne marks. I think because of ingrown hairs.
Thank you so much for your answers.

PIH heals very slowly. Mine took over a year to fade and I still have some evidence of it. But I think intervention can’t hurt if it actually works without side effects.
I read articles of how dermatology treatments for PIH can take six months to a year. Maybe give it more time before you attempt intervention.

Hyperpigmentation has intensified due to sun exposure, but do not worry, even so all the spots will disappear. I am 100% sure because, unfortunately, I have seen how this phenomenon evolves too often.
I live and work in the Costa del Sol, most of my local clients ignore our recommendations. However, it has never happened to my foreign clients since most of them come from countries in Northern Europe, or from countries whose religion forbids the exhibition of their bodies.

About 30 years ago, dermatologists recommended taking sunbaths in order to accelerate the healing process in any type of wound. Later, they observed that this was counterproductive, and then the recommendation was just the opposite.

Sunscreens prevent sunburn, but this does not prevent tanning. Note that although white mothers protect their children with high sunscreens, they acquire a nice golden color because they spend hours playing in the sand.

This hyperpigmentation intensified by the sun will disappear as the winter months pass and the cells of your skin are renewed.

I wonder why many experts recommend not exposing the areas to the sun for only 48 hours post-treatment. The treated areas should not be exposed until hyperpigmentation (or hypopigmentation) has disappeared, especially in the upper and lower lip and body areas. This is the best indication that the healing process is over.

So, I repeat, DO NOT WORRY! a further clearance would be beneficial, probably as much as laser skin surfacing treatment.

For all clients: before you do anything about marks of any kind, you have to learn exactly what the “thing” is.

For example, not all “pimples” are the same and you cannot treat them all in the same way.

I get about 10 emails per day with photos of the “oh my God I’m ruined” messages. Clients seriously need to talk to an expert before slathering anything on their skin or getting treatments that are either worthless, or more damaging.

Before you try to find a solution, learn what the problem is first. Don’t add insult to injury! Sad to say, but most electrologists (and laser operators) are also “in the dark” about exactly what these marks are.

The physician that recommended laser for these common marks should be dragged out in the street and beaten!

Thank you all for your help. Of course I won’t do something like skin resurfacing and I will keep waiting to fade away by itself. I asked here because I wanted to make sure because of its been 8 months and I’ve seen many topics about hyperpigmentation but most of them are like is 2 months or 2 weeks pigmentation permanent.

However, I will not continue electrolysis either, since I just wanted to reduce it. I can easly say I got at least 40% reduction which is good enough forr me.

Again thank you all for your answers; I will keep waiting :slight_smile:

Did the hyperpigmentation fade ?