8 laser treatments, the result is not perfect...

Just want to share with you girls my experience.
I had 8 treatments (every 5 - 6 weeks) on my chin and upper lip. I can say that 65% - 70% of hair gone, however, hair grow more and more in the places they never did.
I also had 2 treatments on my arms and stomach and it looks much better.
I think it is all because of shaving. I do shave often my chin and upper lip (and it is impossible not to), but never shaved arms and stomach. As a result, arms have very few hair left.
I am realy upset with the facial hair. It is better than use twissors, but I can’t afford to do the treatments till the rest of my days.
I actually never heard from someone that she/he got rid of the hair complitelely.
I am in doubt, if is it permanent…

Shaving very often could couse hair regrows. You are not first one.
Next point is which laser it was (I mean Diode, Ruby, Nd:YAG…). It’s very important. Your choice should be Nd:YAG-Why? Light from it could penetrate much deeper.
Second point. Which spot size was used for treatment. It should be at least 10mm diameter. Bigger is better. If we compair 10mm and 7mm spot sizes penetration on 10mm would be 20-25% higher,
13mm and 7mm- 40% difference.
Third:I guess your hair are blond so pulse width should be 7-10msec during treatment
Do not shave this area any more.
Go to place where you could find Nd:YAG Laser( Assure210 or Coolglight)
Check Pulse width
Apply before treatment depilation cream (couples day before)
Technician who will do treatment for should find wright fluence for YOU. Everybody different. If they not do this- no way to go for treatment. Most likely you will not get results.
If you tell me where you located I could tell which place better to go.

Good luck.


Um… not to be difficult, but I don’t think shaving causes hair growth. It creates a blunt edge, which makes the hair seem stiffer and “bigger” - but I really don’t think shaving actually causes hair to grow.

I may be wrong - can you please post your source for this information?

If I may help out, please refer to :


There is plenty of information here to prove that shaving does not cause hair to grow faster, thicker and coarser.

Alga, when your finished with your attempts at laser for facial hair, there is always good ole’
electrolysis for the permanency that you desire.




You noticed that you have new growth in new places from laser? You are not alone. This topic was discussed here: