$63 per 15 minutes for LHR -- sound reasonable?

I was quoted that figure (£35 in british currency) at a clinic I am considering.

In the UK, our choice of LHR clinics are somewhat limited though I am now currently tied between laser care clinics and bodysmooth.

The latter were friendly in e-mails and quoted me the noted figure, my question, therefore, is: is this an acceptable amount?

I want to get my forearms thinned out, my upper arm hair, shoulder hair and back hair reduced (well removed–but, hey, I’m a realist – haha!) so it would cost me a bit if my back and shoulders takes 90 minutes to do…and my arms take an hour or so (!!!)

They use the lightsheer and coolglide and as I’m a skin type IV/V, that would give me the choice of either the diode or nd: yag laser!

your help apprecaited!

Thats more then reasonable compared to the prices i see around here.

You really though should be looking for quality first because if the treatments arent effective cheaper prices means squat.

I’d be careful about using a diode on type V skin,also.You might have to go with the ND:yAg.

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I see what you mean about the diode but I’ve read clinical studies that used the diode and nd: yag on skin type V and though they say the latter is safter on darker skin the diode CAN be used on skin type V…BUT there is a risk of burning and hyper-pigmentation

but at least if the clinic has both then i could feasibly have a test-patch with both??

the other clinics i was considering uses the lyra ND: yag, Aurora and the apogee…

Yeah it might be doable with the diode on Skin V but the risks are higher and the settings might have to be lowered.

RJC used the Lightsheer with much success and he’s stated that he’s a IV.

You would be much better served using the Yag. Diode could be used, but the fluences would be too low to be effective at hair removal, and the higher effective fluences will certainly afffect the pigmentation of your skin. :wink:

zambo, could you please message me privately (or post on here) the contact info for the £35/15 min place? i’ve been looking into LHR in london for a while and have yet to find anything even close to that cheap. i’m currently considering one of the boots clinics, but the one you found sounds like a better deal. in the states, i was paying $250/15 mins. that was a real burden on the checkbook, but at least the technician was nice and covered quite a large are in that time. as a full-time student, i really cannot afford to pay that much these days. help would be appreciated. thanks.