6-8 weeks between treatment, laser broken

I have done 3 bikini sessions so far, with the YAG Gentlemax candela laser, and 1 session on the chest, with alexandrite candela. Up until now, my sessions have been spaced 6-8 weeks apart, as my technician says this is the optimum time.

Last week, I was meant to have my fourth session. This would have been 7 weeks since my last session. However, my technician called me and cancelled my appointment, because the laser has broken. She did not tell me how long it would take, but that they are trying to fix it as soon as possible. Right now, its been 8 weeks since my last session.

I don’t know when my next session will be, and I’m very worried about how this will influence the effectiveness of my treatment. As I am spending a lot of money on this, I want to be very certain that I am being treated in the most optimal way possible, to achieve the best results.

Will this inconsistency reduce the effectiveness of my treatment, if at all? Furthermore, I’m not sure whether its fair if I still have to pay full price for the coming treatment, because this situation was out of my hands and its unfair that I’m paying full price for a less than optimal treatment.