5th underarm/abdomen and 4th chin/lip tx

Since the forums were down, I hadn’t been able to get in here to post, so now that I can get in, I thought I would repost my latest treatment info…

Sun Aug 22, 2004 12:58 am Post subject: 5th underarm/abdomen and 4th chin/lip tx

Well, it’s been over 24 hours and things are going well.

Let’s see… My tech upped the power again for this treatment (but I always forget to ask about the settings and it’s hard to talk because I have a mouthguard in during facial treatments}.

I put on my goggles and we started with my upper lip (4th and last treatment for this package) and it was definitely less painful than the last treatments, but there were moments when I had to tense up from the pain. It’s always bearable, though, because the pain seems to come at the very last second or so. it almost feels like the laser beam jumps down far into the follicle at the last second and you can feel a big zap. Well, something like that. I could smell some burning hair again, so that’s good.

Right after the treatment, there were just a few small red areas and the whole area felt like it had a slight burn, but the burning sensation went away within 20 - 30 minutes.

Next came my chin. Basically, it was the same as my upper lip. Although it seemed like she went over the areas with the thicker hairs a few times, so that’s cool. Hope those suckers are zapped for good!

Afterwards, the area had some red spots and a slight burning sensation, but again it went away pretty quickly.

And since I asked again, my tech also zapped in between my eyebrows a few times for free. I had to wear different goggles for this area.

Next was the underarms. Basically the same sensations as the facial treatment. There was less pain this time and the tech kept talking to me during treatment, so maybe it sort of took my mind off it a little bit, but it was still pretty painful. Always bearable for me, though, thank goodness.

Right afterward, the areas were red and several of the hairs/follicles looked like they had been burnt. It was very tender and felt like a burn, but also went away after about 30 minutes.

Then I had her reshoot my lower abdomen and since my previous visit was the end of my abdomen package treatment, I had to pay half price. But, I thought why not, I had a handful of hairs that were still thick, so I wanted to keep going with treatments until I’m satisfied with the results.

It was pretty painful for me, as usual, but I stuck it out and didn’t have her turn down the power this time.

Right afterwards, the area had a whole bunch of small red welts, and it was quite sore to button up my pants because they kept rubbing the area, but I tolerated it and the welts and pain subsided after a few hours.

Then that was it. It probably took no longer than 30 minutes.

So, I should be done with my abdomen treatments now. I’m guessing I’ll have to pay for a few more underarm and maybe upper lip treatments, but I have one more chin package treatment left.

Things look fine today. I was able to shave any facial hair easily and I only had a few tiny whiteheads and red spots on my chin from the treatment. These cover up easily this time, so that’s pretty cool!

Okay, come on shedding!

Best wishes to everyone!

Hi everyone,
well I’ve been slacking and haven’t been in to post for a few weeks since my treatment.

About a week afterward, I had to pluck my chin. For whatever reason, I couldn’t wait for the shedding. Most of the hairs came out pretty easily, so that was good. A few must not have been ready, but I plucked some of those anyway.

Since then, there hasn’t been much hair left. I see a few slightly darker/thicker ones left or maybe they’re new, I’m not sure, but it’s just a handful.

My upper lip is doing very well. Most of the dark/thick hairs are gone. I’m still shaving just to be sure nothing is visible to the world.

My underarms are doing well. Just some pepper spots left. I keep shaving, so I’m not sure if any of the hair is growing. I’ll check on that one of these days. Life has just been keeping me busy, so I haven’t had time to dwell on this. Which is pretty wonderful! I just hope it lasts.

My abdomen is doing great. All of the thick hairs are gone. A few of the thinner hairs have come back in so it blends a little better with the surrounding hair.

My next and last treatment is on October 7th. 7 weeks in between. It will only be for my chin since everything else is supposed to be finished. But, I’m sure I will do another upper lip and maybe another underarm treatment. I’ll probably leave my abdomen alone for awhile to see how it goes.

Then maybe 6 weeks after that treatment I’ll start on my legs. Definitely want to work on that bikini area and upper thighs. I’m so sick of all the irritation and ingrown hairs I get after every shave. And to be smooth, I have to shave everyday.

So, anyway, I’ll be back in to post how things are going.

Good luck!

Hello again Ellen3!!
how long does it take for the hair to fall out? approx?
the hair on my belly is kindof falling out, and its been four months sinse the first and last treatment with the ruby thingamajiger… Do you think maybe the hairs will grow back??

Im glad you are doing well with your treatments…

<3 Sussie


I’ve just had my first epilight treatment. The hair hasn’t been removed…does it fall out after awhile? Can I pluck in between treatments or does this lessen the effect (someone told me I can only shave between treatments).

Thanks…finding it really hard to get any answers on this topic.


Can I pluck in between treatments or does this lessen the effect (someone told me I can only shave between treatments).

Plucking may remove the roots that you want to target in the next session. I would shave the area, the (gentle) tugging action of the razor will help dislodge the hairs and promote shedding. You can also exfoliate the area to help with shedding.

Hi! I am new to this laser thing and have schedualed my test run as well as my real thing in Oct. I want to get the back of my neck done as well as my side burns. I have had my hairline waxed before and did not like not having any “peach fuzz” left. Waxing created an unwanted line and was diffficult to blend until the fuzz grew back in. Did you notice the fuzz was gone when you had this done? What do you think?

Hi Ellen:

I am SO sorry that I haven’t been on the board. Just today I saw your PM to me, but I can’t figure out how to reply. Perhaps I need to be a PREMIUM member?

Did you see my post? ACK! I found out yesterday, the day before my fifth treatment, that the new place traded in the CoolGLIDE for a new laser, but they don’t know when the new laser is supposed to arrive?!!! The tech tried talking me into the Palomar Estelux IPL, but I said, “No, thank you.” Two bad laser experiences were enough!

I was in tears yesterday when I spoke to my husband on the phone. He felt bad because he was at work and couldn’t do anything for me. Honestly, I told him that I was FINISHED with LHR and I would go back to waxing or epilating.

My DH called a number that he found on line and encouraged to call too. He said the receptionist was extremely nice and she would put me at ease. So, I called and I got in for an appointment today. The tech could only do part of my body because she didn’t have enough time to complete everything. I SWEAR my LHR consulation paper work is all over the state that I reside in!!! Honestly, no privacy. Where’s HIPPA when I need it?

So, I went in today and during the consult the RN/tech asked me the last time I was in the sun. Well, it was today for my 30 minute walk. Did I cover my face? No, I didn’t cover my face. Did I wear SPF? No, I didn’t. She then told me that she was only going to treat the body parts that were not in the sun and that I would have to wait four days to treat my face and my legs.

I had HAD IT!!! This weekend I am going out of town for four days, then my parents are coming for another four days, then the week after would put me into a 10 week gap from the last treatment! I told her to cancel my appointment because I was just going to resume waxing or epilating. No more LHR fiascos. Besides that, I hate shaving because I always, always, always manage to cut myself to ribbons! And shaving is part of the LHR down time between treatments.

The tech finally gave in, against her better judgement, and treated my face and all the way down to the thighs. My face did fine, just as I told her it would. She seemed surprised. I kept telling her that the CoolGLIDE and I are best buddies and the CoolGLIDE would never hurt me :slight_smile:

So, on Thursday evening I am getting my legs done and that will be treatment number five completed for me. However, I think I might need more treatments. My bikini area isn’t reacting very well to the laser, nor is my chin, or underarms. The tech found this unusual. She has found the upper lip and thighs to be most resistant to LHR treatments. I’ve always been a bit odd, so this doesn’t really surprise me.

On another good note, this treatment cost was less than the other two places. I think the tech felt sorry for me for being shuffled around all over the city trying to find the CoolGLIDE and to have one treatment with that particular laser and to have it disappear.

So far, I’ve had no adverse reaction with the CoolGLIDE on this treatment, just as it was in the past. No itching, no redness, no burns, no hives. Just a little sensitve and that is all. And to find the treatments at a lower cost, what an added bonus! The bad part is that the drive is very looooong. I wanted a place closer to where I live, but no dice. This will do, I suppose. It’s that or back to waxing and epilating.

Take care and write when you have time!



PS Ellen send me another PM and let me know how to respond, if it is possible :slight_smile: I miss you!
PPS The joule setting on this last treatment with the CoolGLIDE was between 50 and 55. With the GentleLASE PLUS it was 18, down to 16, eventually down to 11 (goes up to ll now doesn’t it?).

Everyone that receives Laser Treatment - keep in mind your results will be judged only 3 to 5 years later! Our office is becoming full of past so called “Happy Laser Users.” They are not so happy today. In many cases they have more hair now then when they started.

Yes, a few had a little less, but after all that money and time!

What kind of Laser do you use or did you use? if it was 3 to 5 years ago lasers have progressively become better since then. The guidlines for the fluence levels are different as well.

Your best bet is to read carefully what HairFacts.com has to say about Laser. It is not uncommon today for laser advertisements to say: Guranteed for 2 or 3 years! At least they are honest. Electrolysis is for Life!

I totally agree; laser treatment is phenomenal during that month your waiting for your next appointment–no hair, smooth skin, its a dream. But then wait—I’ve been doing laser for one year and my face has become much worse. Be very careful of those areas (face, areolas)–the light peach fuzz I used to have become black when it grew back! My bikini and underarms look good, but I have to get it done every 2 months for it to stay that way. I know if I waited for 5 months I’d get more than half if not full hair growth back! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

Is electrolysis really permanent? I am considering that but the $$ is the real issue. How does electrolysis work?

Thank you for all your replies–

Yes, electrolysis is forever, that’s why we get so upset over people spending big bucks on the temporary, and wanting to be cheap about the thing that lasts forever. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is a nice quick fix. It can not give you what Electrolysis can, and it can not put you in the situation of needing no future treatments as quick as electrolysis can, especially if you have a good to great practitioner working on you.

I have had more than one lady come to me with hair on her breasts desperate for a wedding date, or just wanting to have dates, and we clear out the problem in short work, and the guys never know, and soon it is all a faded memory.

There are a few posters on this site who, if they are still around could attest to this, but that is up to them.

I even had the occasion to bump into a client socially and I asked her how things were going. She said she had not noticed anything, and like a scene out of a movie took me to a private place to get a quick conspiratorial look. I found two hairs that I would have taken if we were in treatment, and they were so small no one would have seen them had they not been looking for them as hard as we were, and even those were as thin, or thinner than an eyelash. When we had started treatment, she had a ring of thick black hairs around the areolas and many long stray hairs on the breast themselves. Two years after treatment, we can only find one single accelerated vellus hair on each breast, and more importantly, she has found no reason to call me for an appointment in a long, long time for that, nor face, nor her underarms.

It just proves the adage in this business, “Good Electrologists loose ALL their best clients!” (for the humor challenged, that means we actually finish the job and have nothing left to do but meet them for customer appreciation picnics)

Would you happen to know of anywhere in Southern california (orange county area) who have experience technicians at affordable prices? I can’t believe I’m even thinking of going through this again but its either waxing or this—I’m just very skeptical of people in this business and I feel like they are only out for your money, and they really know what the results will be–I have been mislead so much. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

THanks for everything!


Hi. I use an MD in Beverly Hills for laser treatments. You can send me a message for more information if you like. He uses GentleLASE (alexandrite laser).