5 Treatments Into Beard & Neck LHR

Hello everyone-

I’m a 27 year old male and I’m currently getting my full beard, neck and chest area lasered. It’s been 5 sessions on my face and neck (spaced 4 weeks apart per session) and I don’t really see much improvement. There are small patches without growth spaced on my neck and underside of my chin, and the hair on my cheeks is a bit more sparse. But my chin, upper lip and jawline look and feel virtually unchanged. I’m happy that there’s been some results, but even the technicians are telling me that I should be doing better. I have light type 3 skin and black, coarse hair. It’s kind of disappointing because some of the other guys here have reported great results after only 1 or 2 sessions. I was told I was the ideal candidate for this. I still have to shave just as often as I did before getting these treatments done… :frowning:

My chest is coming along well, however. I’m getting it done every 8 weeks. I didn’t have much hair to begin with, but the few hairs I had are nearly gone. All that’s left to go is my stubborn nipple hair.:mad:

To be fair, I don’t have as full of a beard as most other men do at my age, so that could be why I’m not seeing as great results as other guys. I’ve never been a very hairy guy.

Any other guys out there have less than expected results after 4 or more treatments? When did you really start seeing good results?

  • You can’t really tell if there are results as you’re getting treated too often on your face. Is any of the hair shedding at 3 weeks? At 3 weeks, ALL treated hair should shed, so there shouldn’t be much to treat at 4 weeks.

  • What machine and settings are being used? What is your skin type? Is the remaining hair on the body coarse and dense? That’s the only type of hair that laser affects.

Please read the FAQs below asap.

Alright, I read the faqs below. I gotta say, my heart sank as I read them… :frowning:

To be honest, I don’t know what they’re using since I haven’t asked. Big mistake, I know. :frowning: I haven’t noticed any shedding on my face, but that may be because I never let my facial hair grow for more than a day or so. If there’s been any, it was probably nicked away with the razor. Is every 4 weeks too often? This may explain my lack of results. I haven’t noticed any shedding on my chest, either. But I had sparse growth on my pectorals, and that hasn’t grown back. My nipple hair hasn’t gone so easily, though. (and my nipple hair was the reason I purchased the chest area!)

The remaining hair is very thick and coarse. My skin is type III (I think) and I have black hair. This should be the ideal combination, right?

Holy crap, I wish I had found these forums before doing this…

I personally wouldn’t go any sooner than 8-10 weeks for my face

I’m getting my neck treated and am seeing very good results. In my opinion 4 weeks apart for your beard is too soon. I have quite thick, coarse beard growth and even for me 4 weeks is too soon - more like 8 or 9.

All the hair should shed within about three weeks after your treatment. You should have a complete hair-free period for a few weeks after that, before the regrowth starts. So if it’s working, you shouldn’t need to shave at all for at least a few weeks. If this isn’t the case, then the hair hasn’t been properly treated.