4th underarm/abdomen and 3rd chin/lip tx

Whew! I’m glad that’s over!

Today was my 4th underarm/abdomen and 3rd lip/chin treatment. I was nervous about it all day long. Not really sure why. I guess I was just worried about side effects since the power gets higher each time. Everything went just fine, so I’m looking forward to the shedding!!

The tech did my upper lip first. Whew, I felt quite a bit of zapping this time. It sort of felt like the zaps were deeper. We could smell burning hair, so the tech said that was good. It hurt, but was very bearable. Afterwards, there were just a few areas that showed some redness, a few spots are sore. 2 more treatments to go!

Next was my chin. It felt the same as my upper lip. The zapping felt like it went deeper or longer or something. Painful, but bearable. Lots of burning hair smell.There are a few spots that are sore to the touch and are more red and swollen than the other areas. I few hairs came out after treatment. A few hours later, I can still see several hairs under the skin and many of them have red follicles. A few spots are still more sore and swollen than the rest of the chin. I have been keeping ice on the areas to reduce swelling. 2 more treatments to go!

My tech is very sweet and is giving my the area in between my eyebrows a few zaps. I have to wear special goggles when I get this done. No redness or soreness. The hair feels tougher, maybe like it was singed off or something.

Next was my underarms. Basically the same thing as my face. It was painful, but bearable. The tech said there were a few areas that had more hair than she thought it should have, so she zapped those areas twice. My underarms were red and I felt a burning sensation and many of the follicles are red. A few hours later, the red follicles are still there and the areas are sore to the touch. 1 more treatment to go!!

Finally, my abdomen. There is not much hair left at all there. The tech didn’t have to turn the power down this time since there isn’t much to zap. There were a few painful areas, but it was bearable. I had several small to medium welts after the treatment, but they went away within an hour. Several red bumps are left a few hours later. This was my last treatment for the abdomen, but I can pay $50 per treatment for the next year if I feel like I need follow up visits.

I plan to go see an electrologist soon. Maybe once I see if the hair on my abdomen grows back. I’ll probably have the electrologist finish up the details there as well as test their skills on other areas that are not easily visible to the world. Eventually, I want to have them work on my eyebrow area and any other stray hairs that have been appearing on my face/neck/chest/breasts.

This winter I’ll probably start LHR on my bikini/leg area and maybe even lower arms. Guess I better start saving up some money!!!

Well, good night for now and good luck to all!



Are you THE Ellen? Judging by your post, I think you are.

HELLO! Junie here. You might remember that I started with electrolysis without much success (many hours of treatment and over $5,000.00 spent with 80% regrowth).

I decided to get LHR and found, after three consults and two years of research, that the CoolGLIDE was best for my skin type. I found a Spa that had the CG and staff that I felt comfortable with and signed on the dotted line and paid for LHR in full.

My first treatment was with the CG only on my legs, which I thought was odd, but I believed the tech when she said the GentleLASE PLUS was better for me. The other parts of my body were treated with the GLP, as you might have guessed, even though my other parts were the same tanned color as my legs.

The second treatment started off without the CG because it was “fried” in a lightening storm. I had the GLP on all parts and ended up getting burned by that particular laser. I called and spoke with a rep and was told to put Neosporin on the burned parts.

During my third treatment, I noticed the CG was gone and I was told it was never coming back. Again, I was treated with the GLP and ended up with worse burns than before! I again called the rep and again I was told to put Neosporin on the burned parts.

All the parts treated with the GLP had a lot of regrowth, but my legs had no regrowth and the CG was used on them. Needless to say I also was burned with the GLP and not with the CG. Plus, all three techs, who treat me, missed TONS of areas that I paid for. I am not happy!

I decided to get my money back and put it towards another CG user. There is an office that uses the CG and I’ve decided to go there for further treatments.

When I phone the Spa, I spoke with the rep. She eventually said I needed to speak with the owner. I ended up gettting several calls from the tech who treated me the third time and the rep whom I spoke with before. Never from the owner.

Finally, a week later, the owner called me and agreed to refund my money. She also said she would send me a copy of my treatment chart (I needed those for my next treatment at the new office of choice). The owner said she would FedEx the refund and the treatment chart to my home.

Well, guess what…that NEVER happened! I found out that owner was having some private issues and is now claiming bankruptcy. However, when I called the Spa and asked for my charts to be sent to me, someone from the office sent them to my home.

So, for now my LHR treatments are on hold. However, next week I will call for a consult at the new place of choice and see where we go from there.

That’s what has been happening with my LHR. Do keep in touch and I still have those burned pictures if you are curious.


Hi Junie!
It’s me, THE Ellen! :wink: You’re too funny!
I thought I saw your name on another post in here!!

I’m so sorry to hear about all the troubles you have had with your hair removal journey. How frustrating I’m sure it is for you, all the time and money spent and not to have this all over with and behind you by now.

I truly hope that this next clinic you go to will be the last and that your treatments go well. :smile:

Does this board have private messaging? If it does, I’ll send you my email address so you can send me the pictures. I forgot all about that. Are you better now? How awful to be sore and itchy from treatments!
If this board doesn’t have PM, I’ll send you a message from Kitty’s board.

Take care and hope you have a nice weekend! :smile:

Hi everybody,

just wanted to check in and give a quick update.

My chin is doing very well. Most of the thick hair has come out now with gentle pulling. Some of the hairs I went ahead and plucked just because I had to. :roll_eyes: But, I am hoping if those few hairs were not treated that they will grow back in time for my next session in 4.5 weeks.

Upper lip is doing well. I am able to shave every few days, so growth has been slowed. I’ll have to really pay attention to see if there has been a reduction, so I’ll get back to you on that.

Abdomen is doing great! Just a few spots where the hairs are stuck under the skin, so hopefully those will come out eventually.

I finally did shave my underarms sunday and monday so I could go out with short sleeves and not have any hair peeking out. Hee hee! I did not shave today, though, and the hair has not grown back in very much, so that is totally cool! :relaxed:

Good luck everyone and I wish you all the best and hope that someday we will all be hair free where we want to be!


Things are looking super great right now! I can walk around my house with NO MAKEUP on my chin! It’s too awesome!

I don’t see much hair currently left at all on my underarms , so we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

Most of the hair is gone from my abdomen, just the pepper spots, but not too many of those.

Most of the pepper spots are gone from my chin, just a handful here and there, but they are very small and not noticeable.I haven’t shaved for at least 4 days, so the light peach fuzz hair is growing back in - which is good so it matches the rest of my face…

My upper lip doesn’t have much of the darker hair growing in at all and I haven’t shaved for about 4 days now. There is a little bit up near the nostril area and a sprinkle here and there along the sides of the mouth, but that’s about it.

So, i’t’s been just over 2 weeks. I like this hair free stage! Let’s hope it lasts.

I’ll definitely keep people posted during the next month until my next appt to let everyone know how it is going.

Take care and hugs!