40 in Mass, considering LHR

I was wondering if anyone could give me a rec for someplace in the Worcester County area for LHR. I am a fast approaching 40 yo female of Armenian descent. I would LOVE to have arms, legs, bikini, butt, and maybe my upper lip LHR’d. I have lived with an overabundance of coarse dark hair for long enough. I have to shave my legs daily, and could probably even use twice a day. Am I too hairy for LHR (is there such a thing?) And would appreciate any suggestions for my area.

Thanks in advance…

try www.sleekusa.com

Hi Moonface -

There no such thing as being too hairy for LHR … in fact, the darker the hair, the better, as the laser energy targets the melanin in the hair follicle. The other important variable is your skin tone – since the laser is going after the melanin, the lighter the better. Laser can still be done even with dark skinned individuals, but this is where the skill of the LHR provider (and choosing the right laser) becomes even more important.

This forum is a great place for doing research as there is a lot of information on this here.

If you are interested in LHR I’d suggest going for a consultation with a doctor (if possible) in your area who is offering it. I too was tired of living with embarrassing hair and also had to shave my legs every day (and even after shaving could still see the ugly dark stubble). After five laser treatments (my last one was back in October) the hair that I have left is very light and extremely fine (like pre-prepuberty hair). Actually, it is less than the hair that I had as a little girl, because if I let it go (and I’m bad now, I do :stuck_out_tongue: ) I can just barely feel it, but can’t see it. It is also great to have my underarms and bikini area clear!

Best of luck to you! I hope you are able to “get clear” too!

Dear Moon: If you decide to try laser, please consult with a practitioner in your area who has a Coolglide (NdYag) laser. With your skin color, this would be the safest and most effective machine. The diode and alexandrite lasers have to be powered down too much to spare your skin, which often results in ineffective hair removal. Skin color is immaterial with the Coolglide. Consultations should be free. Good luck with your quest, and if you should need any additional info, please contact me. :wink: