3rd visit - 2nd full session Face and Buttocks

I went for my second full session this past Saturday.

I wanted to use the topical anesthetic but they had run out so I had to “take the pain.” But I survived. So far so good. I am treating my buttocks (inner & ourter) and full face. I am having amazing results on the buttocks. It is so clean and smooth. The face is proving to be a bit stubborn. I mean, I DEFINITELY see results, but the chin and upper lip area are proving to be fighting until the end. I am showing more finer hairs than before. I was told since the hairs are now finer they will be using a new machine on me on my next visit. Sounds like progress to me…

This was the second time the same woman did my buttocks. I tell you what…she may not be the most personalble person but she GETS THE JOB DONE and that is what I’m all about. She is great. I am baseing all of my appts around her schedule. I keep forgetting to get her name though.

I was wondering…if no one in the office is a doctor and can’t prescribe me Emla or something like that, how am I supposed to get a prescription? Is it considered cosmetic or a medical necessity in terms of prescription plans? I hope they have it in stock the next time I go for a full session.

Anyway, another successful visit to Romeo and Juliette. I go back in about 3 weeks for a “touch up” session.

As always, I’ll keep you posted. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Hi Chelle,

EMLA is a topical anesthetic used in a variety of skin procedures. You can order it prescription-free from:

Canada Pharmacy

Over the years, that’s how I purchased my EMLA. It costs $42 for a 30 gram tube, which would be enough for both full arms, or either full lower legs, or full upper legs.

I would strongly suggest using as little as possible, and never more than 30 grams. It’s toxic in large doses, causing numbness in the tongue and dizziness.

What machine are they switching to in order to treat the finer hairs?

Congratulations on your good results!


I honestly have NO IDEA. LOL. I’ll be going in 2 weeks so I’ll let you know…

try this place for the cream - www.texaselectrolysissupply.com