3rd underarm/abdomen and 2nd chin/lip tx

Hi everyone!

So, yesterday was my third treatment for underarms/abdomen, and 2nd treatment for upper lip and chin.

I forgot to mention previously that for facial treatments with laser hair removal, the clinic requires patients to wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth (enamel, I think) and for all treatments, patients are required to wear goggles to protect their eyes.

The tech started with my upper lip and I expected to not have much pain at all, but I was surprised. It was definitely more painful this time. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t shave as close or because the settings were higher. I felt a lot more of the “snapping” all over the lip area, where last time I only felt a few areas here and there snapping. It was definitely more intense this time, but I was still able to bear the pain with only a little bit of wincing. Most of the lip area was very red right after treatment and sore. Not really a burning sensation, but I guess how it would feel after being hit with a rubber band. The tech applied some soothing lotion.

My chin was next. It was much easier than last time since there is much less hair this time. I only felt the intense snapping in a few areas where the most coarse hairs still remained. It was definitely bearable, though. Right after treatment I could see that some of the hairs had already been expelled. A few of them appeared to be right under the skin. The area was red with a few small swollen areas. Not nearly as bad as last time, and I didn’t notice any dark discoloration so that is great! The tech applied some soothing lotion.

Next was my underarms… hooo wee! I would have to say there was more pain than the last treatment. Not sure why… maybe more hair had come in, maybe because the settings were higher. Nowhere near as much pain as the first time, but definitely painful. The areas were very red and sore after treatment. The tech applied some soothing lotion.

Next was my abdomen. The tech turned down the power and the treatment was very bearable. A few painful snaps, but very easy to bear. The area was red right after treatment.

5 hours later:
Upper lip - slight soreness. Redness is gone. A few tiny swollen areas. Otherwise can’t tell treatment was done.

Chin - some swelling in areas where there was coarse hair. One area looks to be a bit darker, maybe slight bruising. Some of the swollen spots are sore to the touch.

Underarms - sore when fabric touches them. Like a razor burn or something. Red spots on some of the follicles. Most redness is gone, only a few small areas that are still red.

Abdomen - redness is gone, many red spots around follicles. A tiny bit sore to the touch.

Morning - 17 hrs after treatment:
Upper lip is fine. No redness or swelling or pain. Might see some bald patches. A few red areas, a few very small pimples popped up.

Chin is ok. A few small whiteheads popped up around some follicles. A few small discolored areas with a slight amount of swelling. A few small areas are sore to the touch. Redness is gone.

Underarms are okay. A few red follicles here and there, some hair that looks like it was zapped. Still tender.

Abdomen is doing much better. Redness is gone, only 2 or 3 red follicles with a few black spots where the hair is caught under the skin.

I’ll keep everyone updated on progress (at least I hope it’s progress! ) :smile:

Hi-I’m new here and I am very interested in the laser removal of the hair on my chin. Please post again and let me know how it is going. Is it really permanent and how many treatments are required?-----------Thanks!

Hi poodle,
the dermatologist clinic I go to says that laser hair removal should give a “permanent reduction”. No one will guarantee that it is permanent because the human body has too many variables when hormones are involved.
Some people are having good results and others are not, so it is hard to say how your experience will be.
I have only been at this a few months, so I can’t tell you much yet, but there are others out there who have been through this for a longer period of time so you’ll have to read some of the posts to see what they say.
Keep in mind that it could be possible that the people who are happy with their results no longer feel the need to post on these boards as they are out living their lives happily.
For the chin area, my clinic says that 5 treatments are expected with the possibility of more needed, so they charge half price for extra treaments for another year.

Good luck!

Well, I’m overdue for an update on my treatment. I’ve been super busy and so tired, haven’t felt up to writing my usual book, so, this one will probably be more brief.

Anyway, the good news is that things are looking fabulous!

After about the first week, I started pulling at my chin hairs and now at the 2nd week post treatment, almost all of the dark, coarse hairs are gone. Maybe just a handful are left, but they are not growing, the hairs are under the skin, so I guess these would be the pepper spots. For the last few days, I haven’t shaved my chin at all. It’s been wonderful. I still use cover up because there are a few tiny black spots and my skin tone is uneven from years of plucking and scarring from ingrown hairs. But, I could probably go swimming and no one would notice a hair problem.

My upper lip is not as clear, but the hairs were much less coarse than my chin. I did pull at many hairs on my lip and they slid out easily, so that was nice. I am still shaving, but it seems that the hair is growing in slower, so that’s really cool. And quite a bit of it is gone, so that’s even more cool. Can’t wait until my next lip treatment!

Underarms are doing great right now. Most of the hair is totally gone. Just a few small patches where there is still hair. Not sure if these spots were missed or if the hair just hasn’t shed yet. 2 more treatments to go. Boy, that would be great if this hair was gone forever!!! If it comes back, I sure will be disappointed. Talk about taking candy away from a baby! ha ha! I’ll be spoiled and won’t want to have to shave again, so I’ll probably try out electrolysis to get rid of it for good. So, we’ll see how it goes. Only time will tell.

Abdomen is also doing great. All of the coarse hairs have shed, except a few still stuck under the skin. The area is smooth and irritation free! YAY!

So, that’s my quick summary of how things are going. My next treatment is on July 7th. That will be my Independence Day. Independence from this hellish hair experience! ha ha!

Take care everyone and good luck!

Well it’s been a month since I last posted about my progress. My next treatment is today, so I thought I better get in here and do it.

I have actually been going out and living my life the past several weeks. I haven’t been visiting the forums very much since June. I’ve been tired, though, from lack of sleep (I’m still stressed about all this) so I haven’t felt up to writing much.

So, anyway, just wanted to stop in and say that I am really looking forward to my treatment today. My underarms and abdomen are doing very well after 3 treatments. There is not much hair left on the area of abdomen that was treated. What is left is very thin. It does seem like there are still some pepper spots, so I hope that those go away someday.

My underarms are doing great. Most of the hair is totally gone. There are a few spots that may have been missed the first or 2nd time, so there is still hair growing, but it’s not very much.

My chin has many hairs growing in now. They are not nearly as thick as the first batch, so that’s really cool. I am hoping that the hairs are new and have just reached the growing phase. I think that’s the case because I think they are in different places than I remember seeing the thick, dark hairs before. So, I’m still shaving. I stopped shaving after the shedding, but I had to start shaving about the 3rd week after treatment, so I was only shave free for a week. I did have to clip hairs during that time, though. Now at a little over 6 weeks, I have quite a few hairs that shave okay and cover well in the morning, but by evening time they start to leave a shadow. Sigh…

So, that’s why I can’t wait to get my next treatment over with. I hope it zaps this batch of hairs!!!

My upper lip is ok. I am shaving every other day, but there is not much thick hair left. Just a few areas to the sides of the lip that have thick, dark hairs still growing.

I’ll be back to update after my treatment.

Hope everyone is well and good luck to all! :smile:

Hi Ellen3,
Thank you so much for posting your hair removal experience on this forum, it helps a lot as I am considering this option for my abdomen. It sounds like you’ve had a great experience so far. Would you mind sharing the type of laser you use? I don’t know if I should use CoolGlide or SheerLight. I am a female with light skin and dark hair. If you could just let me know what type of laser you use I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

hi there,
I am using the Sciton Image. It is a long pulse width Nd:YAG 1064 laser which I believe is like the Coolglide. My skin coloring is between a 2 and 3 on the scale. I am of italian descent, but I have a little mix of irish, so I tan easily, but it fades quickly. But compared to my husband who is very pale skinned, my skin tone is more olive - even in the winter after months of not being in the sun.
So, I don’t know if that helps, but I am having some success so far with the laser I am using and I will definitely keep everyone updated.
Good luck to you! Let us know what you decide. :smile: