300-500 hs treatment for my chin???!!!!!!!


I’m treating my chin area, and i have little pain, no scars, i just get a little redness, which from what i read is normal.
But the real question the electroligist said that i need 300 to 500 hs of work on my chin, which i think is a lot. i have aprox. 50 hair, but to fair lets say 100, do you think i need that much treatment? Can somebody give an estimate base on how many hair and thier dark and strong, and i used to tweeze them. I’ve been on treatment for 8 week already and i don’t see any change, i only go 15 minutes because i have almost no hair to treat no all of the 50 are there at the same time.
Also if somebody can recomend an electroligist in the area of Yonkers-NY.
Thank you very much for your help

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If you are in Yonkers just make the trip to Great Neck NY and let Fino Gior flash those hairs out in no time. There is no way you would need even half that time to clear that area out with him.


What method of Electrolysis (Thermolysis or Blend) your electrologist using on you???




if somebody wants to check it out the website is annselectrolysis.com
and was michelle who took care of me

thanks to all of you who helped me


Blend method much more effective and you have spend less time for final results.


If you only have 100 hairs on your whole face, I would be clearing you out once a week or three in less than 15 minutes and you would be done in 9 months with very few hours total. Perhaps even 3 hours or less.

I really can’t see spending 300 to 500 hours on a person who has 100 hairs per square inch even if we were working on the entire face.

My question here would be what type of machine is the practitioner using, and just how many hairs per hour can this person do, and how frequent are your appointments.

You should be able to get MUCH faster results.

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i remember it was an apilus i don’t remember the model, and she was pretty fast, now that i know a little bit more i would say that the setting was really low. She isn’t a CPE.
My appointment were every 7 to 10 days and for my chin only 15 minutes because i used to tweeze so no all the hair were there at the same time.

And taking all this in consideration,i’m sure she’s in the buissnes for money, but what that kind of people doesn’t see is that if they are really good they can charge a nice amount per hour and at the same time they’ll have a lots of people who’ll what their servis.

Again, thanks James for your time.


You know, the thing that bothers me about practitioners who “milk it” is that if they just treated the hairs, and finished people, they would have a steady flow of business because people would have results to show off.

I never worry about replacing my current clients with new ones, because I just end up with the same clients starting new areas, IN ADDITION to their friends who come in after first laughing at the original client, and then saying, “Do you think you can set me up with your guy?”

I know a good electrologist, by definition looses their best clients (because they finish all the work that is to be done) but what better advertising than someone who is done and happy? Besides, do they think that the next generation will be hair free and we will run out of new potential clients?


I am curious as to what the average electrologist charges per hour. I paid $300 an hour, in the NYC metropolitan area, but my practitioner said that’s because she guarantees permanency and most electrolysis is not permanent.


My Dearest Carol,
Everything you tell me about your “electrologist” further destroys her credibility. I have to ask, is this woman even a CPE? :angry:
I hope they gave you champaigne in the marble walled lounge, a massage at the completion of your treatment and a limo to and from the office, because I can’t find any precedent for $300 per hour! I have never even heard of an electrologist charging that much in my life, and I have lived in NYC, Chicago, LA, SF, Vegas and Southern Florida!
The average hourly rate for electrolysis treatment across the USA is $60 per hour. Some charge more, some charge less. In metropolitan areas like yours, one would expect to pay around $100 per hour, but there will still be people charging $60 somewhere in your area. They may not be in swanky offices, but they exist.

Curiously, you are in the land of Fino Gior, the man who authored the very text book many electrologists read and do homework out of, and you paid THREE TIMES WHAT FINO CHARGES to a woman who doesn’t seem to be practicing actual electrolysis, nor does she seem to understand the biology of hair (although her ideas about the subject are entertaining) and Fino not only guarantees his work, but also his speed.

I honestly can’t see how she can justify her price based on the information I have been given. If she can prove that she is THREE TIMES BETTER THAN FINO then darn it, I will put down my probes and spend the next year learning from HER, because I have to be doing something wrong. (other than telling my clients the straight story, and charging them reasonable rates for the work done) :angry:

Further more, I have not yet met the male beard that I couldn’t clear in less than 400 hours, so I can’t imagine a woman with enough hair on her face to make me work longer than 100 hours. I have bared women who had PCOS, morbid obeasity and menapause tag teaming to fill their face with hairs and it never took me 300 hours to do it. :frowning:

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According to the search I performed on the search engines, what your practitioner is selling you is IPL, a temporary system that is delt with on the laser pages of this and our sister site www.hairfacts.com

$300 per hour is not unusual for Laser Techs to charge. They do have to pay the royalties per use on the machine, in addition to the monthly lease payments on the same machine.

I am telling you, what you are paying for is not electrolysis, it is certainly not a good value for the money either.