3 sessions of IPL laser removal

Hi, I am new to the forum but very happy to have found it! I have had 3 sessions of full leg hair removal with an IPL laser. I would remember the brand of the laser if I heard it, but cant think of it this second. I have a fair complexion and blonde hair. The appointments have been 5-6 weeks apart. The 1st treatment I could tell a little difference so I was optimistic. The last 2 treatments havent made any difference. I called and they said it could take up to 6 treatments to remove all the hair but that it would eventually make me hair free.

Are they scamming me??? I honestly dont mind going 6 treatments but I think I should see a little difference each time. I would hate to go all 6 treatments and then have as much hair as I do now but not as much money!

They keep telling me it will work <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

I would not expect IPL to do much for blonde hair unless it is combined with RF like the Aurora system.


Thats so infuriating that they sell this like it will completely remove all my hair.

What is RF?

Everyone needs to make their sale somehow. Stay away from IPLs. If you read a few of these consumer forums, you will most likely find that they are ineffective. Go with alexandrite or diode family lasers if you have light skin and dark hair, or ND:Yag laser if you have skin darker than type IV. For blond hair, only electrolysis so far…

You better read the reseach given by HairTell.com before you continue. I tried everything over the past 46 in full time practice searching for better methods of Permanent Hair Removal. Only electrolysis in the right hands works.

Be careful read very carefully this site before you have further treatment: ElectrolysisInformation.com Good Luck,FG

This website is run by electrologists. It is not really a good idea to take what a competitor is saying as a fact. Doing research means examining unbiased studies and websites.

In addition, there are dozens of laser devices on the market and even if a person uses the best one for his skin and hair type, results vary from person to person.

“results vary from person to person.”

Which would be the problem. WIth a competent electrologist, this is not the case. Which is what Mr. Gior is trying to tell you but apparently it is not registering, judging by the 6 paranoid posts.

I’m not advocating laser and there are many posts about electrolysis causing marks and scarring and not working on some people as well. I think results depend on the skills of the technician in both cases, but with laser results vary more because there are so many variables involved, that it’s a lot more difficult to compare different patients’ results. It can depend on the machine used, skin type, hair type, tanned/non tanned, hair color, etc etc. I’ve been doing research on this for a while and read several of these forums. Seems that this one is very narrow-minded since noone ever mentions the different variables involved. I think electrolysis is great for face, but laser might be a much more effective solution for some people on whom laser actually works.

by the way, the posts are no paranoid. they’re respondes to the FIRST string of “paranoid” posts by Fino. How’s one different from the other?

by the way, check out the chain of postings “Advertising on this Forum?”. Seems that I’m not the only one who concerned about Fino’s claims.