3 Months Travel Absence

Hello everyone,

I have been going to electrolysis treatments on a weekly basis for about 3 months now. So far, I have to say that I am pleased with the results. Whereas I began with weekly 2-hour treatments, I am now down to weekly 1-hour treatments in which all of the areas being treated (neck and checks) gets fully cleared.

Enough about my progress- I am planning to take a 3 month trip to Europe this upcoming summer in which I won’t be able to have any treatments. At the point of my department (May), I will be about 6 months out in my electrolysis process. My greatest fear regarding the trip is that it will risk all of my progress to that point, that all of my treated hairs will start growing back during those 3 months and that I will have to start from the beginning again once I return. Hence, I am wondering if my fear should be regarded as paranoia or if the trip actually will risk my entire progress up to that point? What should I expect to happen at my treatment areas during those 3 months of absence?

If my 3-month trip won’t cause any major setbacks, about how many more months of treatment after the trip should I expect until completion? I have read on here that the typical timeframe for completion of treatment is about 9-12 months: does that mean I should expect another 3-6 months of weekly treatments once I return?

I apologize for the vagueness of my questions. Nevertheless, all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hairs that are treated successfully are permanently removed and cannot grow back. The growth you experience during the three months in Europe will be a new cycle of hair that has not yet been treated by electrolysis. This means you will definitely not be starting at the beginning.

You should expect to see hair growth during your absence. If you do not remove the hair in any way (including shaving), you will notice an increase in hair in the treatment area. This is because you are allowing a full three months worth of hair to grow in. If you manage to leave it alone, your electrologist can treat this easily when you return. If you choose to shave, you will probably still notice an increase in the amount of hair, but it shouldn’t be as concerning. Either way, you’re not causing any detriment to your progress.

Just pick up where you left off when you return and you’ll be hair free eventually. Have you discussed this with your electrologist already? She would be the best person to ask.

Thank you for your response!

That is great news! It seems only reasonable that I should expect an increase in hair in the treatment areas during those 3 months. However, after all the hair has grown out, should I expect a significant reduction in hair compared to before I started electrolysis treatments?

Since everyone is a unique case in terms of their progression, I am not sure if anyone could answer the following questions accurately, but anyway:

  1. How much progression should I experience in terms of permanent hair reduction by the 6-month milestone?

  2. How many months of treatments is typical from beginning to completion (a rough estimate based on previous cases)?

  3. Is it better to go every 2-3 week once you reached the point of full clearance every treatment or is it better to continue with weekly 1 hour treatments?

Once again, all responses will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

well first, I will say your initial estimates are a bit off. You need to double them. 12-18 months is the minimum time to establish permanent clearance, but time frames go up from there if you dont for example get regular treatments.

Now I do have one or two clients who are students and regularly go back to toronto for 4 months in the summertime.This would be full beard removal for a MTF transperson. Taking 4 months off at the end honestly, not the end of the world in terms of their treatment. as scurvy indicated the hairs you already destroyed stay dead, but it could mess up whether you get all hairs in each growth cycle. Since hair cycles dont stay “synched” with each other over time this will even itself out . Just make sure to get regular clearances, and you wont have to worry about how many months it will take. While taking 3 months off is not ideal, it wont make a huge difference in the long term.I would count on a total time frame of at least 24 months however.