2nd Visit

2 weeks ago, I had my first treatment on my face and buttocks. This Saturday I went for a “touch up”. HOLY PAIN BATMAN…The setting was set higher and thank goodness I was only getting a touch up…not sure if I could have stood the treatment of my whole face…and let’s not even mention the buttocks area. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> My face was a little red but that was it. I am thinking of requesting some type of anesthetic for next time which will be in 5 weeks.

Since my first treatment I have shown significant hair reduction on the course hairs. I have actually done no grooming on my face (shaving, plucking, etc), except eyebrows, without it affecting my appearance. The fine little hairs are all that seemed to be left and they are barely visible. It felt amazing not having to fuss with my chin, upper lip and upper eyebrows EVERY MORNING…I am already benefiting from the LHR. So far I have had no scarring or skin discoloration.

The buttocks is amazingly hairfree as well. I have my boyfriend “monitoring” that area and he is stunned on how well I took to the treatment.

Hi Chelle,

Glad to hear that you had such great results. What is your skin/hair type and which laser did you use? Thanks

My skin type is IV and my hair is black and can be course. The machine that they have is the Elite Alex/Yag combo in the ND YAG mode.