2nd treatment

I had my second treatment on my arms yesterday. They used the Coolglide this time (my first treatment was with the Apogee Elite). Their cool air machine wasn’t working, so it was a bit more uncomfortable (especially around curves), but I did see (and hear) a lot of hairs popping out during the treatment. This is good, right?

Overall, I felt like the Coolglide was a little gentler because I didn’t feel as much heat inside my arms afterwards compared to the first treatment (or maybe this is just because there wasn’t as much hair). Also, I didn’t use a numbing cream this time because I felt like that had made me more uncomfortable than the actual pain from the laser (and my elbows seemed to stay numb for several hours, which was really irritating).

Anyway, no burns or blisters or anything. Just the usual redness and bumps, which went away after a few hours.