2nd Treatment w/ Another Laser

Hi guys,

Well, I just got my second treatment on my legs this Sat. but this time I decided to go with the lightsheer. My first treatment was with the Gentlelase. My 2nd treatment was exactly 6 weeks after my first. I’ve had okay results with the Gentlelase. I think I decided to go with the lightsheer because I still have lots of “thombstones” because my skin is very thick and I was hoping this laser would zap them out. Well, after the 2nd tx, my legs were red for about a day, and yesterday when the redness subsided I notices very thin hair protruding out well above skin. They aren’t coming out easily. Does anyone know if changing lasers like this could impede results or effectiveness? I was under the impression that the lightseer is better on thinner hair than the other lasers. I’m a type 4 and they used 20J with the lightsheer XC and 18J with the reg. Gentlelase.

Thanks so much in advance!