2nd treatment in a week, thoughts on 1st treatment results


Hey folks,
I just checked in to let everyone know that I’m going for my second treatment in a week and I’m scared out of my friggin mind!! The only reason I’m so scared is because the first treatment hurt soo bad. Then again, I didn’t put seran wrap over the ela-max so that might have had something to do with it. Also, I took the cream off about 10 minutes before the nurse came into the room. But, believe me, I’m putting the wrap on until the nurse comes in a is ready to go.
After my first treatment I am very very happy with the results. I was expecting hair to grow back on my face after about 3 weeks, but nope. After about a month a couple hairs popped up but their so light and unnoticable that I just left them there. I had my face done (I guess you could say it was a “female beard”) I really didn’t have much hair trouble on my cheeks but mostly my sideburns, chin and upper lip. The hair on my chin was dark and course and parts of my upper lip were bad too. Of course I had the ever so famous “Elvis” sideburns. I never shaved them or anything, just left them alone. The results are so great, I just can’t explain how happy I am. I can look at people when I talk and I don’t have a problem with people touching my face anymore. I’ve also been going out to clubs and bars with a LOT more confidence. The results are so good I would have been happy to pay twice what I paid (which was $1,041 for 5 treatments and free touch ups).
If you have hair problems, I would recommend laser. I can’t say anything about any other types of hair removal because I haven’t tried any others.
Just wanted to keep you guys posted on my treatments. I’ll drop back in after my appointment and let everyone know how it went.

shy girl (<-----but not that shy any more)