28 year old male.... need advice Vancouver,BC Canada

I am a 28 year old white male with dark brown hair, I live in Vancouver, BC Canada.

I have back hair (not that course but a fair amount of hair)
I also have back acne, not severe but a med case I would say.

I want to get rid of the hair and the acne…
If i cannot get rid of the acne, I would at least want to get rid of the hair. It is better to have a back with acne on it then to have a hairy back with acne on it. I have a good body and I have never taken off my shirt in public because of embarrassment. I have had waxing done before once but it left me with a horrible rash on my back and the hair came back.

Please help me anyone…

  1. where is a good place in Vancouver or Seattle to get great results with the laser for a person my age and problems ?

  2. some people have said the laser hair removal will actually help my back acne !!! any truth to this ?

thanks for the help and god bless

Hello, ihatehair604;

If your interest is to find out more about laser treatments, my suggestion is that you contact Juli Johnson at Arbutus Laser Centre in Vancouver. It is in the MSA building at the corner of Broadway & Arbutus.
Address:#106 - 2025 West Broadway
Phone: (604) 731-5512
Web Page: www.arbutuslaser.com

You can ask for Juli Johnson and can mention my name if you want. I am familiar with the Centre and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. The people there are very experienced and knowledgeable. This centre is approved by the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons and staffed by qualified physicians. This centre has trained over 150 physicians and technicians so you would be well advised to check this facility out if you want professional advise and recommendations. Good luck.