25y/o Male here, got Paradoxical Laser Stimulation, what are my options?

Hey how’s it going.

About a year ago I had around 4 sessions of laser treatment done on my mostly hairless back and shoulders.

After a few sessions it became very obvious that things were getting worse.

In the space of 2 weeks my back and shoulders went from ‘Wouldn’t notice any hair if you were more than 3 feet away’ – to being moderately hairy.

It’s not terrible, it’s not the end of the world, but it does bother me, and it does effect my self confidence.

What are my options from here on out?

Will further lasering end up helping?

What about IPL? Will that help?

I’d consider electrolysis, however its an extremely long process for a whole entire back is it not?

I’ve worked on several such cases. There is nothing to be gained from further laser or IPL, they will simply make the situation worse ( possibly MUCH worse). Electrolysis is the only thing you should be considering. Yes, it WILL be a long process at minimum 12- 18 months of contiguous treatments.I’m almost complete a similar case (entire torso on a paradoxal laser stimulated back and stomach) which has averaged 6-8 hours of treatment once a month for the last 16 months.

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Treating the whole back with electrolysis is possible but often very time consuming. Laser stimulation often happens when the treatment energy isn’t high enough. You might express your dissatisfaction to the practitioners and ask them to do some test patches at higher levels.

Laser is going to be pointless if your back and shoulders were mostly hairless. Even from the beginning, electrolysis would likely have been a more effective option in terms of cost and results.

Up to 8 treatments are typically required for laser to achieve its maximum reduction, and I doubt that further treatments will harm you or induce hair growth. I also doubt it will help as laser tends to have unpredictable and often unsatisfactory results. Laser treatment should not be painless, so undertreatment may have been a factor. If it’s not hurting, it’s not helping. I should also add that I am sceptical of paradoxical growth as there are many other possible explanations that I find more compelling.

In any case, I and others can vouch for electrolysis. I’d recommend starting electrolysis now. It’s not as big an undertaking as you might think honestly.

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If this is any help to you, as a consumer I have had 6 laser treatments I’m also a male, and the hair all within 2years eventually grew back.

I’m almost positive ipl won’t be better.

And if your seeing even more growth then u ever had before, I would say don’t risk it having it again since the long term outcome will not be permanent, I wouldn’t think it would be worthy risking having more hair. Try to document and photograph it. Tell the laser professional who did it. Maybe there is something they could do for you like refund part or all of the cost of it? It’s worth a try. They will probably say there are too many factors that influence hair growth so they can deny a claim their laser is the cause for it,

I would say if it really bothers u having the hair there electrolysis is worth it even though it may be time consuming. People who say that it would be too time consuming to be worth it might not have experience having back hair and if u went as far to have the laser done and then to make a page on this site to seek other solutions, then the hair is obviously bothering you

What might be motivating to hear is with electrolysis you can have the hairs indivially choosen in a way that graduallly thins the overall appearance of the hair. So the time someone calculates for the area to be fully clear, might not necessarily be the amount of time until the hair that remains will no longer have a negative affect on your confidence.

Then once they are treated, they are permanently gone. Also it enables them to leave certain finer hairs so that the transition from the back to neck or other parts of the body is more natural appearing, as oppose to the laser making an area have no hair at all ( temporarily) to a body part that isn’t completely hair free so it could give an un natural overal appearance that could draw the eye to the area


and as far as pain goes , the laser was so intense that my eyes would tear every time uncontrollably throughout the entire process it was brutal and the hair still grew back. So if that much pain was involved and the hair still grew back,