£225 per treatment?? - Is this normal price??

I am contemplating getting my lip done. Unfortunately where I live in Somerset, UK there are not many laser clinics around. The one that is here is called the West of England Laser Centre and based at a Private Nuffield Hospital.
They say they use NHS medical consultants to do the work, which does sound good.

Its just the price which is £225 per treatment for the upper lip area and £50 for a consultation :fearful: . Is this a rip off or normal?? I haven’t got anything to compare here it to here.

Also does anyone know where I can access a which? guide that I’ve heard was published??

Any advice would be helpful. :smile:

Thanks alison

it’s a rip off. i live in london, and my practitioner charges £35/15 mins. 15 mins is plenty of time to do the upper lip. for £225, i can get both legs done, and probably my bikini line as well. plus the colsultation was free.

if i were you, i’d keep looking.