22 Treatments on face and counting... Please help!

Hey, y’all! I’m so happy to have found this forum!

I’m a 26-year-old male living in Miami undergoing laser hair treatments on my face (twenty-one treatments and counting!). I have a ‘lifetime guarantee’ so it’s helped alleviate some of the insecurities I once had, but treatments have proved rather subpar. Compared to when I first started, my face is now - for the most part - smooth and almost hair-free, except, that is, for the chin area. The chin area is thick, coarse and the hairs are all too close to each other! Every treatment is unsuccessful at zapping away the patchiness in that area (it’s the sides of the chin, The coarseness and thickness will simply not go away). I have two theories on why after twenty-something treatments, nothing zaps those hairs away:

  1. The laser facility will not go on high settings on me because my face is always tanned (I’m olive-skinned, Latin) and the fact that I do treatments every four weeks.

  2. The laser is a Candela, from industry-standards, I hear this is good, but who knows if there’s a superior laser on my skin type: olive-skinned; tan easily.

Anyway, I’ve read about seeing an Electroylsis, but wanted to know if it’s worth it considering the thousands I’ve already spent on LHR? It’s just the chin area that I need to treat. Bummer because this year coming up I wanted to do my arms but it looks like I’ll have to spend it on my chin via electrology.

Thoughts? Advice?

Thanks in advance!

Your case sounds very typical. Many anecdotal accounts report that laser cleared all parts of face except their chin or mustache area. Chin area has very deep rooted hair which laser has a difficulty penetrating well. After 21 treatments, I would give up on Laser at this point. (I would have stopped at 12.) Some lasers that shoot Yag and Alexandrite at the same time could have helped maybe.

But at this point, if you still care to see results, switch to electrolysis and results will happen with a skilled practitioner. Electrolysis probes can reach any deep rooted hair and deliver energy needed to destroy a follicle.

Just to clarify: my treatments at this point are free, and will be until I get bored or the business fortuitously shuts down. I paid for a package before I began (which the company offers a lifetime guarantee). I paid a one-time fee of a little over three thousand, and that was it. A lot of money, sure, and I could’ve gotten the same number of treatments and paid less at another facility, but what can I say - I was a tad gullible. Now I’ve done my research and know exactly what to do.

But thanks, I just did a consultation with a local electrolysis in Miami and I’m set for 2015. One thing, though! When I did my research with my local electrolysis, I found two. Both of them I explained my situation (i.e., lifetime warrantee, continued treatments) - and BOTH had different views of whether I could do laser hair removal on my chin and electrology at the same time. One was like, “Yeah, you can still do LHR on your chin and do electrolysis”; the other was like “No, you cannot”. For some reason, I picked the latter - her reviews on Yelp are great and she just seemed really professional.