2011 - no solution on the horizon

hair removal doesnt work for men’s back and shoulders, this is a real problem, i did needeling for a year now with zero results, and i’ve been to 4 diffrent experts, this hair situation is a real problem, i dont understand why no one is raising the glove and get some real solution :S
killing a follicle shouldnt be THAT hard one might say

Haven’t you seen this?

Perhaps Notsmooth is a referring to a solution that is not as time consuming, expensive and annoying…for example, a medication that reduces hair permanently for the price of an anti-depressant such as Zoloft. If there was a drug that could do this, LHR and electrolysis would go out of business.

Electrolysis works (with a good tech…not necessarily easy to find) but if electrolysis were so convenient or ideal it would be more popular. It isn’t because people with lots and lots of hair generally do not even have the time or think its ridiculous to spend the copious amounts of hours/years needed to get all the hairs treated…one at a time, its not the greatest solution in the world especially considering how expensive it can get if you have lots to get rid of. If it was, there wouldn’t be as many people complaining about how hairy they are.

I, thankfully, stumbled upon this forum while searching for a blog dedicated to latest technology news in Hair Removal. I have been interested in it since highschool and have always wondered why it still, in 2011, no east feat. Sure their is laser hair removal, but that is expensive and inconvenient for some. I guess you can say it mind-boggles me that a cream or pill has not come out. Especially with the booming trend within the last 10 years of body hair removal for both sexes. As an example, i have come across only one lover in my life who did not shave her pubic hair. All my guy friends shave everything. It has become so popular, and yet, we are still using the razor.

We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t develop a magical dissolving capsule to throw in a bathtub that will remove any hair submerged.

I really hope that technology progresses in the field. Now that i have found this forum, i can stay more up to date.

The problem is how do you dissolve the hair, which is stronger than the skin, when both hair and skin are made of the same stuff.

The problem is like asking, how can you flash melt ice without vaporizing the water the ice is floating in? Anything that could melt an ice cube in one second or less, would turn liquid water into steam vapors.