2010 - no cure!

ffs lol, this is plain stupid… we reached the moon, mapped the human dna, cloned whole organs… how come there is ZERO treatment for permanent hair removal (and its well known that laser only reduce growth, and needling cause scars, can take YEARS to get decent results and cant help in large areas…)

and the funny thing there is NOTHING in the horizon, no ne is even trying to get something that works on market lol… there is a clear unmet need here with lot of money potential… just stupidly frustrating… amazing.

bumping my own rant :wink:

What do you want us to say?
Electrolysis has been permanently removing hair since the 1860’s and certain practitioners can even do it in a way that is practical for what most people want to have done.

The only thing that has not happened is the creation of some genetic alteration that would make this change via a pill, or elixir.

Sirna, a small biotech company that was working hard on finding a topical agent for permanent hair removal, was gobbled up by Merck a little ways back. For whatever reason, when Merck obtained Sirna, research was stopped in relation to a topical agent (SLO-17) that would interfer with the messenger RNA part of the cell. They had the biology and the chemistry parts pretty much figured out, but were having problems with the delivery system. So, perhaps that is why MERCK halted the effort. Going on my half-memory,there may have been a lawsuit or two against Merck, unrelated to the hair removal research division, that caused the company to re-evaluate their priorities. I’m only speculating here, so take it as such. I do know that it takes years and years and about a billion dollars to research, develop and market a new drug and then once it gets in the consumers hands, it won’t be inexpensive because the company has to recover all the money they invested over about 10 years to deliver a product that the consumer is clamouring for!
It is frustrating. I know the concepts are there for a topical hair removal agent, but cancer and erectile disfunction drugs take priority in the fight for the money to fund the intense effort that is required to get the product to the consumer.

Years ago, Dr.Angela Christiano from Columbia University was all the buzz. Some made it sound like she was going to be the savior of the hairy with her research. I don’t know what she is up to these days in that regard. I e-mailed her about her work a while ago and got no response, something I totally expected! The Charlie Rose link is dated (1998).



yes, i know this crazy bitch, she works on something to grow in male pattern baldness, which is very important… hair causing us some serious problems he…grows where it shouldn’t and falls where it should grow…i hope she will be successful with her research and figure how to control these goddamn follicles.

im just shocked that no one is trying to fix this … like really amazed lol

Compare this dilema with the oil pouring out of the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico. Some things can’t be fixed so easily and may be out of humankinds control unfortunately. By the way, was it really necessary to call Dr. C a crazy bitch?? Come on!

I’m attending school for a molecular biochemistry degree; What are YOU doing to further the research? If it’s really the cash cow you think, get involved! We can always use more scientists improving our lives in awesome ways!

youll be suprised actually, if i knew ill be hairy and it will effect me this much i would defently go study Bio-tech or something and try to fix that, the profit potential is HUGEEE! but 2 things
A) im already a student (accunting) so there is no way ill quite right now
B) if youd asked me 3 years ago id tell you that by the time i finish my schoolings something will be out to fix this shit, but boy i would be SO wrong…again - amazingly wrong…lol (i can understand that they cant grow hair on men heads, but destroy a follicle, you would think it shouldn’t be such a big deal, if someone would put the effort i bet a cure will pop by itself sooner then later, destroying is the easy part, try fixing is usually the hard part.

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Also: I quit my Masters program in CompSci and resigned my scholarship to begin studying something I care about. I had the talent to do CS, but not the motivation. So I’m starting fresh next semester as a 24-year-old freshman in either Biology or Physics.

Both of those are SO FUN! You’re going to really have a blast. Besides, every single person on the planet is getting a Computer Science (or similar) degree these days. It’s nice when the other sciences get some attention. :slight_smile:

I don’t know where you live, but don’t give up. If everything else has failed, try electrolysis. It IS much slower, and I hear it’s just as painful, but at least is a surefire way. Maybe you’re one of the unlucky non-responders to laser treatment.

I’m mostly tending towards Biology. My research involved pathfinding algorithms for theoretical robots (look up: useless), so I’ve seen enough math and laplace equations for a lifetime. Biology also has better job prospects if all else fails and I don’t make it to a tenure track/full-time teaching job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Surefire is correct! “Just as painful” - maybe? If an electrologist has mastered her equipment, she/he can make it very tolerable and if the electrologist has upgraded to an Apilus Platinum or Pure or a Silhouet-Tone VMC, well… let’s just say that I have had clients that swear they fell asleep during treatment. Electrolysis does not have to be synonymous with pain.

If only they marketed laser hair removal like they did waxing…life would have an increase in awesome.

Like if they just said “laser leaves you smooth for 4-6 weeks, just come back every 4-6 weeks to get keep it smooth for the same price as waxing”…or like even $5-$10 more, I’d be beyond happy with that. Plus the industry would probably make more money. =P