2003: Morand (PFB & other conditions in genetically pigmented skin)

Bull Soc Pathol Exot. 2003 Jan;96(5):394-400.
[Characteristics of the skins genetically pigmented]

[Article in French]

Morand JJ, Lightburn E.

Service de dermatologie, Hopital d’instruction des armees Alphonse Laveran, 13998 Marseille, France. MorandJJ@aol.com

The analysis shows that apart from the relative hyperpigmentation of the “black” skin (genetically determined and variable according to ethnic group, age, sex and solar exposure), which determines the secondary dyschromic reactions to the majority of the dermatosis, and, except the differences of frequency of diseases related especially to geographical or epidemiologic determinisms, there is no true specificity although some entities are little or not described on “white” skin (dermatosis papulosa nigra, acral punctuated hyperkeratosis, progressive macular hypomelanosis of the trunk, acne keloidalis, pseudofolliculitis barbae, ainhum…).
PMID: 15015846