2003: Garcia-Zuazaga (review of PFB treatments)

Mil Med. 2003 Jul;168(7):561-4.
Pseudofolliculitis barbae: review and update on new treatment modalities.

Garcia-Zuazaga J.

VMFA-122 Flight Surgeon, Marine Corps Air Station, Branch Medical Clinic, Beaufort, SC 29904, USA.

Pseudofolliculits barbae, PFB, is a common cutaneous disease encountered frequently in medical practice. PFB represents a chronic inflammatory condition of the hair follicle caused by ingrown hairs producing an inflammatory foreign body reaction. The pathogenesis of PFB is multifactorial. Factors such as hair type and direction of hair growth play a role in the initial inflammatory reaction. In the armed forces, PFB represents a real challenge for both the physician and the patient. The combat environment, with the recent threat of biological and chemical weapons, requires the servicemen to be clean-shaven for appropriate gas mask fitting around the face. This article will review the etiology, pathogenesis, classification, and newer treatment modalities in the management of PFB.

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Review, Tutorial

PMID: 12901468