2002: Ross (PFB treated in dark skin with Nd:YAG laser)

J Natl Med Assoc. 2002 Oct;94(10):888-93.
Treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae in very dark skin with a long pulse Nd:YAG laser.

Ross EV, Cooke LM, Overstreet KA, Buttolph GD, Blair MA.

Dermatology Department, Naval Medical Center San Diego, California, USA. Evross@nmcsd.med.navy.mil

BACKGROUND: Pseudofolliculitis barbae affects some individuals with coarse curly hair. Currently available treatment modalities are often ineffective. In some studies, lasers have been shown to be potentially helpful in mitigating disease severity by reducing the number and/or thickness of hair shafts. METHODS: This was a side-by-side interventional study conducted at a military tertiary medical facility. The study group included 26 patients (skin types IV, V, and VI) referred from primary care physicians with a diagnosis of pseudofolliculitis barbae refractory to medical therapy. A neodymium YAG laser was used to treat one half of the neck. One month later, shaving bumps were counted and compared to their preoperative levels on both sides. RESULTS: Mean postoperative papule counts were 11.6 +/- 6 (SD) and 30.1 +/- 19 (SD) on the treated side and untreated sides, respectively. CONCLUSION: Neodymium YAG laser treatment represents a safe and effective option for reducing papule formation in patients with pseudofolliculitis barbae.
PMID: 12408693