2 week cyle?

I’ve heard that treatments should be done in 2 week cycles because new hair growth in an “active” stage occurs every 2 weeks? Any truth to that?

you are talking of which area ? it varies from different body region.


What area(s) of the body could hair possibly grow in 2 week cycles?

areas I’m having treated are entire back, chest, abdomen

At two weeks you will get some new hairs, but not all the ones that weren’t active when you were last treated. Treatment guidelines are every 6-8 weeks for the trunk area.


It takes 3-4 weeks for the hairs to fall out so treating the same area that close is not a good idea.I treat 6-8 weeks sometimes even longer apart.

HTKY, where did you see that hair growth cycles are 6-8 weeks for back?

I am getting my back & shoulders done with lightsheer & I was told every 10-12 weeks???

Should I be going more often?

These are the retreat times Candela recommends for the GentleLase for that part of the body. Going longer than that will probably not hurt, but anything shorter is almost certainly less cost-effective. My point being, two weeks is way, way too often for any part of the body!

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feeling good ?
I am back with My results of IPL with LHE this time & will be giving more details in a week’s time.