1st waxing

I got my legs waxed for the first time the other day, and my legs broke out in a terrible rash. Many red bumps, some of them with little white heads on them like a pimple. This occured with in an hour of having them waxed. I went to a salon and had a professional do them. There is no way it could be ingrown hairs. Anyone have any ideas? It has now been 2 days and my legs still have the bumps with white heads.

it sounds like you had a ton of broken hairs- this reaction is not normal. Exfoliate your legs in the shower and follow with a soothing aloe gel and dont go back to that waxer. Keep an eye out for ingrowns witht that many broken hairs you are bound to get them, use tweezers to free the hair from the skin but dont pull them out.
hopefully this will help

Cleansing skin with an astringent before and immediately after treatment can help with this. I use Tend Skin for several days after waxing to help with this issue.

I have used Tend skin before, and it did not do much for me. How do you tell if your hair is broken or not? I use a loofa everyday with Aveeno body wash. Is there anything else I should do to help exfoliate?

that is more than enough exfoliating, in fact id cut down to only two or three times a week.
If you are getting rough stubble, or immeadiate growback you are probebly getting broken hairs
also the rash could be caused by any of the products used or if the hairs were too long.
if you dont like tend skin look around there are a lot of great products available that might be able to help

i once got my legs waxed and i developed a rash like yours only it was because i had a hot shower and infected them. i just left my legs alone and put nothing on them, i didnt even get them wet, and it cleared up within 4 days. they were pretty bad. i also now tend to get a lot of broken hairs after waxing and i dont think its a case of trying another salon, i have tried many. i think its just a case of having brittle hair, in my case anyway…

Ok, I will put the loofa away for a few days then. I still would like to know how to tell if you have broken hairs. My hair was pretty long when I got waxed (about an inch). They say a minimum of 1/4 inch, is there a maximum length? By the way, the rash went away after about 3-4 days. It has been over a week and I’m just getting some stubble back. I think I will try it again in a few weeks to see if I have better results with shorter hair and a different salon.

you can tell about broken hairs by how quick the hair grows back and its quality. If it grows right away and feels stubbly it is probebly broken.
There is deffinatly a point at which hair is too long- a half inch is pushing it, and your waxer should trim. If the hair is too long and you are using strip wax the hair is often pulled twice, snapping back, when removed which causes all sorts of irratation.

I think deffinatly shorter hair and a different salon should help.
good luck