1st Waxing, please help!!!!



I am going to be getting a pro waxing job before a trip to Mexico in March. It costs $35 to have the waxing done. My question is this, how long before i leave for the trip (march 6th) should i get the waxing done?

Will there be redness, ingrown hairs or irritation that will be visible for a day or two?

Also, how long does a waxing last for? thanks.


Completely aside from ingrowns, I’d say a day or two before would probably be best. I’ve never had any redness last longer than a few hours.

Ingrowns can be another matter entirely, but that can depend largely on whether you’re prone to them, and what you do to combat them. If you get them when shaving, chances are you’ll also get them when waxing… so be prepared for that. Exfoliate well and regularly, and I’d recommend using Oxy pads or something on the areas periodically.

How long it lasts depends on a lot of factors. A lot of people say 4-6 weeks; if your hair grows fast or is thicker, it might only be a few weeks.


If you’ve never been waxed, you may need a few more days than someone who’s been a few times.

I’d get it done about 4-5 days ahead of your trip. Be sure to use a lot of aloe and witch hazel to help reduce the redness, and avoid the sun for a few days after you get it done. In fact, I’d suggest using a sunscreen in the treated area when you get down there, since a lot of sun has been known to cause darker or lighter sopts to appear in some people right after they’ve been waxed.

Have a good trip!


Thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it. I have never had a waxing done before. I am kind of nervous, i don’t want something to go wrong and have it look bad.

When i have shaved my chest in the past, i haven’t had too much trouble with ingrowns. A little i guess, but it depended on the razor, how quickly i shaved, etc…

Do you recommend waxing over shaving for irritation, redness etc…?


Also, how many days before it starts to get a bit prickly? Keep in mind this is my first waxing. Thanks.