1st waxing -- help


I am a 17 year old male. Last monday, I waxed my arms for the first time. I used a ready to use cold wax kit from gigi that came with a pre-epilation cleanser, strips, applicators, wax-off lotion, skin concealer, and slow-grow cream. I am very very pleased with the results and I must say I prefer what I have now with what I used to have.

There is one problem though that I hope to resolve.The wax didn’t get all of the hair out. By my next waxing, will they be taken care of? I think one of my major problems was that I kept using the wax off lotion during the process of waxing b/c the wax was sticking to my skin and that lubricated areas that I had yet to wax.

I’m just testing the waters with my arms, and so far I’m happy with what it looks like and hope that it can only get better. When I’m ready, I want to move on to waxing my legs, bikini area, and chest.

Any help and advice is appreciated!


You are on the right track (as far I know of). I have waxed several areas of my body and yet have used a pre-wax lotion. I tried baby powder and ended up with some patches that did not want to remove easy. I just grit my teeth and wax. Take a shower and then dry off about an hour, then wax. It sticks to the skin alittle more that way but you get better results.