1st treatment

I just had my 1st electrolysis treatment 2 days ago. I have naturally bushy, dark, coarse eyebrows and have tweezed them for 35 years. (I’m 50 now.) I chose electrolysis because even after tweezing there are still hairs right under the surface that are visible, but not long enough to tweeze. The skin has never been smooth or completely free of red marks. I thought electrolysis would be the answer. However, after this first treatment, and seeing the red marks and swollen skin, then knowing I have to let the hairs that are too short to “zap” every week continue to grow until the next week, I’m wondering if it’s going to be worth it. Am I going to look this bad ALL the time–looking like I need a good tweeze AND having the red marks? My electrolygist said it took her 2 years of treatment to get rid of her upper lip hair. I don’t want to look like this for a month, let alone 2 years! Does anyone have some words of encouragement or advice for me?


I started my upper lip in April and I am almost at the end of my treatments. I used to go once a week and now I am going every 2 to 3 weeks.

It’s definitely worth it and I have no regrets. Just think, once treatment is over, you’ll never have to tweeze or wax again! I will start work on my eyebrows next year.

Good luck.


Upper lip hair is the most stubborn to get rid of, due to hormones. I can’t imagine that eyebrows would take 2 years. But the thing to know is that the amount/coarseness of hair reduces drastically after the first 3 months, so you would not spend all your time (whether 2 years or less) looking how you describe.

To fix the swelling, you should use an icepack when you get home. Apply 100% aloe vera GEL (not lotion) to soothe and heal—extra nice if you keep it in the fridge. Then put tea tree oil on overnight for extra healing power. It helps with the redness too. If you feel you’re too embarrassingly red, use coverup when you’re out. (Though you say the area has never been free of red marks anyway? So maybe you’ll still look like you always do?)

With electrolysis, coarse thick hairs get broken down with each round of treatment. I believe they rarely get killed off in the first treatment, especially if you’ve been tweezing them for so long. But if those hairs do grow in again, they’ll grow in much thinner, and much less noticeable in between appointments, so you’ll start looking better than you did as a tweezer long before your electrolysis treatments are over.

I hope this helps,

Once opened, Aloe Vera Gel MUST be kept in the Refridgerator, or it will spoil. It can be put on immediately after treatment. Ice may also be applied immediately after treatment.

Hmmm, mine doesn’t say anything about that on the tube… Maybe it depends on the brand?

When Aloe Vera is extracted from the plant it is very fragile and needs to stabilized and preserved within a few hours. Adding stabilizers and perservatives insures the potency of the aloe vera and keeps the product from spoiling. Refrigerating the aloe is added reassurance to keep it potent and unspoiled. A cold application of the aloe immediately after an electrolysis treatment is so soothing for the client and brings the redness and swelling under control faster, too.

The product manufacturer of your aloe vera gel doesn’t mention refrigeration because no doubt they have added the stabilizers and preservatives to keep their product fresh and potent. I’d still refrigerate it,though.