1st treatment with Aurora


I’m new to posting, but have been gathering information from the site for a while now (for both myself and my mom). Anyway, my mom just had her first treatment on her face yesterday, so I thought I’d share her experience.

Some background info: We’re Indian, probably Type 4 skin (my mom’s face is a bit darker and may be Type 5). My mom has a lot of course hair on her upper lip and chin. Some of it is black, but the hair on her chin is at least 50-60% white.

She was originally considering going to Nuvo, because this is where she heard about the Aurora. She began using Meladine and went in for a test patch a couple weeks ago. But then she found out that the nurse she saw was leaving. There seemed to be uncertainty about who the replacement would be, how much experience this new person would have, and how long this person would be working there. So, my mom decided she would feel more comfortable going to a dermatologist’s office instead.

Most of the places she called and had consultations with told her that they wouldn’t be able to treat the white hair. Finally, she found a dermatologist’s office that uses the Aurora. It’s a bit far away, but she felt comfortable with the nurse she spoke with there.

My mom was given a numbing cream about 15 minutes before the treatment. She had her upper lip, chin, and sides of her face done. The strength was set to 22. (The Nuvo test patch was done at 14, but the nurse here felt that 14 was too low.)

They had some sort of cool air tube that my mom would aim anywhere she needed as the treatment was being done. Afterwards, she was given some hydrocortisone cream (1%) to apply to her face.

The redness was gone by this morning. She told me that she has a couple dark marks on her chin and on the side, and that the skin under her chin feels a bit bumpy (similar to mosquito bites). Other than that, no burning or itching.

That’s about all for now, I’ll keep you posted.

If anyone has recommendations on what kind of cleanser she should use on her face, please let me know.

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My mom went in for her second treatment last week (she waited 5 weeks in between treatments).

After the first treatment, she had one small burn and a couple other very tiny dark marks. All of them went away in about a week or so, and they didn’t leave any marks or scars. But the nurse thought it would be best to use the same settings for her second treatment rather than increase the strength. She did go over some areas twice however.

There were no marks or burns this time, and overall, my mom has been very pleased with the results. She still has some gray hair on her chin, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. There doesn’t seem to be any black hair on her chin anymore, and the hair on her upper lip seems finer and sparser.

I am surprised that they used numbing cream. The Aurora, at least for me, was less painful than lasers.I am eager to hear about Syneron’s new Comet and the results it delivers. It is a combination of diode laser (rather than IPL) and RF. Maximum fluences are 40J for both laser and RF. That is quite a bit of power for ELOS technology. I would expect this to work better than the Aurora because laser is generally more effective than IPL at hair removal. I have had some good results with the Aurora. I have used it on dark skin that I would not have tried the Lightsheer on. But I am maxed out on fluence settings so I don’t know if continued Aurora treatments will be effective or not.My practitioner has switched doctors and they will not be using the Aurora. I will probably try a Nd:YAG laser on my arms and legs next. If they get the Comet I will definitely try it. I totally trust my practitioner with the higher fluence settings on the Comet.RJC2001