1st Time Waxing ?'s


Hi I am a guy who is above average on the hairiness scale. The only hair that I am truly uncomfortable with is the hair on my bum and upper legs. I have tried a number of methods such as shaving and Nair for Men. Shaving with an electric razor actually produces good results–but only for a week or less. Nair for men was easier, but it left large rashes and lots of pimples which was just disgusting. I would like to start waxing, and I think that waxing strips followed by a hair inhibitor and/or an epilator may be the best way to go. Do you think strips or a home waxing kit is best for these areas? How effective are epilators and hair inhibiting creams? Should epilators only be used after waxing? Also, I have a little bit of stomach hair I would like to wax as well. Do you think the methods I mentioned above should be used for the stomach? Thank you for all your help, and keep up the truly tremendous job.



Hi Al–

If I were you, I’d get it done by a pro the first time and do touchup with a rotary epilator. Hair inhibbitors are unproven, and many make completely bogus claims.

To avoid ingrowns and bumps, exfoliate before and between treatments, and use a product like Tend Skin as well as a moisturizer.