1st lyra treatment

hi all I just had my 1st Lyra treatment-- lip, underarms and bikini-- we’ll see how the results are but it barely hurt (same as waxing, just a little longer) I have light brown skin and black hair-- does anyone else have any experience results with lyra to share?


I had six Lyra treatments on my back, chest and abs and liked the laser for its speed and relatively painless delivery. I ultimately switched to the Gentlelase Plus – more due to the doctor than the machine (see post titled “my experience”).

In retrospect it was a good decision. My understanding is that long pulse Nd:Yag lasers, like the Lyra, are good at eliminating coarse, deeply rooted hairs, but as the hair becomes finer and weaker, an Alexandrite laser is more effective.

Starting with the Lyra worked well for me, but everyone reacts differently. Gauge your progress and keep us posted.