1st epilation and what abiout Shea butter?

You guys are great. This site is really educational thank you for the info. I got my 1st epilator today 3370,works incredbly well I have shaved for 12 years and never had it so smooth, I am confused about the exfoliating wether before or after and how often. But my main question is after I use the 3370 I start with Jergens Naturally smooth, after is it ok to use shea butter, I have looked all over the web site have not seen anything on it, It has worked well for me in other places so I am curious, By the way I am a male and the pubic region is where the 3370 worked so well so this is region I am questoning about.

Use the Tend Skin (or something like it <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> ) right after. That’s what will bring down the bumps and make your skin smoother. I would then use some kind of moisturizer after the tend skin dries. As for exfoliating, you do that every day after you get going into the process. See, when you shaved, you never had to worry about hair growth cycles. Now that you’re tweezing out, you do. Your hair follicals will be growing out at different rates, so, you have to keep exfoliating to prevent any ingrowns. See, exfoliating two days after you epilate doesn’t do anything for the hair follicals you just plucked two days ago, -it’s helping new hairs sprouting out that you plucked two or three weeks ago before that. That’s the way it works. Congrats on your new setup by the way. It is better than shaving, but you still may have to resort to shaving some areas still. As for me, I love my 3370, 2170, and emjoi gently gold caress, but have retired them to allow my hair to grow out for laser treatment. It’s the next step, and one I’d wish I had made sooner. The downsides I found with epilating was the time it takes every five days, and all the ingrowns I was getting on my upper thighs. But this is mostly because I pick at them all the time. It’s a big compulsive behavior of mine. You may be different, it may work out better for you. Depending on how well laser works (I’m a good candidate) I may go back to getting any remaining hairs with an epilator, or go with electrolysis to do the cleanup.

-Shower first
-point a fan towards you
-brush up all the hairs to get them away from the skin
-go slow, opposite direction
-retouch by feel, not so much by sight
-glide the epilator, down’t press it against your skin
-if the epilator is overheating, your skin is sweaty and you’re pressing too hard


Hey thank you for the wise advice,It is great is the shea butter still ok ? My wife loves the smoother feel but with 6 kids Laser or electroliss ( or however it is spelled ) is still a long budget Item away, any Ideas ruffly at the cost for that region, either way or both, 1 more how do they decide wether you are a good canidate? I am in east Tn and only found 1 spa that would even do a full brazillan on a man between Knoxville and Atlanta.

Thanks again


I don’t know what shea butter is. If you were using it before, and it doesn’t cause irritation on a test spot. Only then I would if I wanted to. Me? After the tend skin, I’ll use some sort of Jurgens with aloe skin moisteurizer. If I’m in a hurry during the week, just some baby oil with aloe before I get out of the shower. Using lotions can extend the time between epilations because they make your skin feel smoother than it really is. I’d recommend it.

Budget is 90% of it unfortunately. But once you deal with this year after year, you find a way. It just becomes a necessary obstacle to overcome. But you have to make sure it’s a decision you really want. So maybe it’s all the better right now that you can’t jump into a permanent decision. Yeah, the bible belt is like that. Here in San Diego, you walk down the sidewalk and there’s esthetician laser and electrolysis techs trying to drag you into their clinics with a rope. they really fight for business during the winter. Lots in vacation type places, consider traveling to Miami or or Savannah once the financial end looks better.

As for what’s a good laser candidate? From what I’ve learned here, dark coarsehair, light skin. on the body, not so much the face. Of course I’m learning here that there all these different types of lasers for different types of patients. I’m probably gonna do what RJC here on this board has done; get treated by a couple of different lasers to get as much as possible off in the quickest time.

Hope it helped


THanks I am very thankful for all the wisdom, as for Shea butter I am Not A Saleperson , http://www.healthlifeline.com/generic40.html is not a sales info page but goes into detail of what it is. It is really great stuff Apparntly is new in the USA,it is a moisteurizer it is really incredible I caught some skin with the epilator and now 3 days latter and you can not tell were it was. I am having my wife to help so there is no more cathing of anymore skin, and she really enjoys partisapating but she is still to afraid to try it. Thanks for the electrolis, and laser info, I look forward to hering more of your wisdom.