1st bikini treatment ??s

I had my first treatment on my bikini line last week. I have a lot of dark coarse hair and fair skin on my inner thigh and bikini line. The treatment was practically painless and I felt fine afterwards (no scabs or redness or pain). The treated hairs weren’t removed and felt crinkly and more coarse. I’m not sure if that is good or bad. I know i’m not supposed to pluck the hair after treatment, but sometimes I run my fingers across the hairs with a little force the hairs easily fall out or i lightly pull (not pluck) them out.Because I am so amazed at how easy the hair falls out, I was wondering if that was bad for me to do. Or if it’s a good sign and an ok thing to do??? Please let me know if i’m preventing further treatment from being effective. thanks

From information you provided and my personal experience with laser, I’d say it is a good sign.

hi, i was wondering what kind of laser they used? and how many treatments you will need? i want to treat myself for my upcoming birthday this month :smile: thanks

Ants-Thanks for the reassurance. Every day it seems more hair is just falling out. I feel pretty confident that this will work.

Chopstix- I’m not sure what laser/IPL (intensed pulsed light) they’re using but my next appt. is may 15th so i’ll soon find out. They told me it would take about 4 to 6 treatments. Each treatment costs me $160 exactly, $60 for inner thigh and $100 for front v bikini line. The machine has been FDA approved which means the machine used does permanently reduce hair. It does not mean that the hair will not grow back. If some hair does grow back it will be finer and a smaller amt. than before. I will post an update after my next treatment unless I find out what laser they used before hand.