1st appointment with a new electrologist

I had my first appointment with Claudia in Hayward today. It was an interesting experience in that this is the first time I have had a pro work on my face (upper lip). Up to now, almost all of my work has been done on my dorsal and ventral surfaces of the torso.

While the treatment was not without discomfort, it was totally tolerable. My skin does react quite a bit (swelling and redness) during trreatment but, if the skin is not overworked, the swelling and redness will usually dissipate within a few hours of treatment. This was the case today and right now (15 hours post-treatment), all that I’m noticing is a sensation like a very mild sunburn. Very tolerable.

2 Specifics:

  1. Claudia did not do a total clearing, but she did a well balanced removal pattern that covered the entire upper lip area. I was not left looking like Hitler!

  2. The skin has snapped back to an almost normal appearance within 2 hours, which definately shows that the area was not overworked. Almost no evidence of scabbing or anything unusual.

I was so impressed that I bought an additional 5 hours of time in advance. After all, even though I am doing a lot of my own work, any electrologist who tries to work on their own face has at least one fool for a client.