18 hours of elec and still not clear

I’ve had 18 hours of electrolysis on my upper lip and there still isn’t even a patch of hair free skin showing. The electrologist is a former nurse and has training but I was just wondering if it should already be done? I thought if I went for 1 1/2- 2 hours every other day that I would be clear in a few months. I am now looking into laser, but I have light skin and blonde hair so it doesn’t look promising. I was wondering if 18 hours is normal time for the upper lip and still not seeing a difference?

What method, equipment and setting is she using…?

That number of hours is a lot - it sounds as if she is using some quack method and calling it electrolysis, or the setting are so low as to be totally ineffective…

If you are getting electric tweezers, or transdermal ‘electrolysis’ then I would ask for my money back…

Do you feel any sensation or have any reaction after she has done her work… any redness, , stinging, anything at all to indicate she has actually turned the machine on…


Her office is closed today, but I looked on her website. Before finding this board I really didn’t know there was a difference in the methods. On her board it says she does “Electrolsis RF Blend”. She does use a low setting…I believe a 2 or .2. She assured me that it is still removing the hair permanently she just has to leave the needle in longer. When I questioned her about it being 18 hours and still not seeing any clearing she said that each individual is different and it takes time. She made it seem like it was very normal for it to take this long. When I call her tomorrow I will ask exactly what type of electrolysis she does and what kind of machine she uses. I feel the needle going in the slight burning sensaton and then she pulls the hair out…but it isn’t like a tweezing feeling…just gliding the hair out. I just keep thinking she has to know what she is doing because she is a former nurse, certified in eletrolsis and she herself had electrosist done on her. I just don’t know what to do??? Also she says I have no tell tale signs of even having electrolsist because my skin heals up very nicely. Please advise

Ok I called her today and she said she uses the blend method. She said it is a mixture of galvanic and shortwave. She said she uses this method because there is no scarring.

The question here is not how many hours you have had, but how many hairs per hour are you removing. If you are only getting 20 to 50 hairs per hour, I can see where you could go this long and not notice any big difference.

Of course, you should have a before picture to look at, and you will know what difference there has been.

Depending on the methods, techniques and machine used, one might be left with only 5 minutes to work in each small area, and would not get much work done during the course of the hour. Other styles would clear large portions every appointment and one would look bare in the first few appointments.

Sso should I shop around for a different technique? If so what kind?

we tell everyone around here that they should visit as many electrologists as they can find in their area in order to find out who is the best to perform the work they are having done.

If you are lucky, one person is the best person to do all the work you want done. That won’t always be the case.

It is not so much one modality that you should be looking for, but you should be looking for someone who can get a visibly significant amount of hair removed in an hour’s time without negative side effects that last longer than a short period of time.

If you search the database for your area, you may find that others have talked about practitioners in your area. Otherwise, you will have to do the leg work to check out who is in your are, and maybe you can report back to us here so we can all benefit from your research.

The most asked question around here is “Who is a good practitioner in…” Maybe you can provide the answer in your part of the world.