17.m.nc--when does hair stop growing

around what age does hair growth level off and quit generating new hair growth…just wondering, for a normal male not on steroids and can creatine, glutamine, and whey protein cause extra hair growth of that nature due to the increase in hormones caused by eating alot of protein or does it have no adverse effect i just thought it did? Im currently bodybuilding and that was a concern of mine!

I have looked for the answer of this question. However, I cannot seem to find an answer. Most people say at different stages, however full body growth should be achieved by 21. I cannot seem to find a reason why hair would be any different… yet I would like to find an answer from a more informed source.

I think this really varies from one person to the other based on genetics. I doubt the average is 21 though, some growth, though slower, still occurs way after that age.

No, it probably isnt average for hair growth. But for height etc, you don’t grow a great deal after 21. Everyone is different however. Still, I’d love to see an average when body hair growth stops.